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Do you know how irritating it is to crave something you’re not particularly in the mood for, just because your baby says so?

On Sunday afternoon after a leisurely stroll around Homebase for Sam and a little trip down memory lane, I really really fancied mint chocolate chip ice cream and roast potatoes. We tried to get some mint ice cream in Co-Op and Premier to no avail, even though the cashier promised she’d have some in a few weeks, but I was getting stroppy, Dannii Moon stroppy. Whatever they had in the freezers there just wasn’t good enough, I wanted mint chocolate chip ice cream and I wanted it now. She did suggest the mint Magnum, which is an OK ice cream. It’s tasty, yeah, the actual ice cream is super super white, which is a little weird and the chocolate is minty fresh but it wasn’t the same. Even though I had one on the way back and a full plate of roast chicken and a hell of a lot of roast potatoes and then another Magnum straight after, it still wasn’t the same. I still craved mint chocolate chip ice cream. And baby wasn’t happy either.

I’m obviously enjoying it slightly as evidence is on the side of my mouth but it wasn’t the same and so came the trouble… Why? Why? Bladder attack, that’s why. Mini me became accustomed to hugging the crap out of my bladder, so much so, that I should have just stayed in the bathroom for the rest of the night. I spent most of my evening running to and from the bathroom, becoming even more familiar with every nook and cranny in my bathroom and how Mr Muscle is better than Tesco own brand.

Ice cream is my thing now, part of who I am. Living on a street where 75% of the people that live in it have children under the age of 12, which means one thing in summer- ICE CREAM VAN! When you hear that merry little tune, I’m like Kanye West to Kim’s fugly ass, mesmerised by its beauty as it comes jingling down the road in all of its blue van glory, with a selection of delicious dairy treats ready for the taking. The dude now even knows now to stop at my point in the road, I own that spot and he knows what delicious diary treat I may tickle my taste buds with this day or the next. Usually it’s the Strawberry sherbet 99 for £1.20 which is literally a 99 with pink sherbet dazzled on top with a flake or the birds nest, a 99 with one hundreds and thousands splashed all over (by Jo I want one now just thinking about it). Ice cream had become the new craving that I want from breakfast to lunch or late at night. I can’t help it, I want it so much I had a dream about it that all my friends were walking ice cream flavours.

Thankfully my cravings this pregnancy has only been of the normal kind, Salt & Vinegar crisps, sweet and sour sweets, a little too much sugar and a lot of ice cream. I’ve not been having weird cravings like some ladies I’ve read about. According to Netmums, some of the weirdest cravings known have included eating rubber, sponges, charcoal, cigarette ashes, or paint.

04_Top 10 Pregnancy Cravings July Opt 1

Any weird pregnancy cravings you’ve been having that you would like to share? Comment below…



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  1. Ha… ironically my husband took me out for an ice cream cone as a special treat because I’ve been avoiding sugar and it tasted disgusting… never could have imagined that!

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    1. What ice cream? How odd! What flavour did you choose? Maybe baby didn’t like your choice of flavours! 😂


      1. I had a miscarriage today.


      2. What’s your email? I’m so sorry to hear that.


      3. I’m so sorry to hear that. Sending all my love 😘😘


  2. tendingtobaby says:

    I was super lame with my first and craved veggies. I would just think of a green salad and salivate. I actually had an aversion to sweets. I know, crazy. This time around I am all about icecream (french vanilla Haagan Daz specifically), fries, chips, and bagels. I’m really trying to keep it in check but them cravings, they’re hard to deny!! The only thing I have an aversion to this time around is water. Lucky me.


    1. Before I found out that I was pregnant, eating fruit and veg was a daily occurrence without question. Since becoming pregnant, I’ve eaten fruit, salad and vegetables but I’ve had to will myself to eat it rather than choose to naturally. At the beginning of my pregnancy, my cravings were sugar, sugar, sugar! Thankfully that’s died down now and it’s more creamy things like ice cream, but that’s a blessing in disguise living by the seaside! I’m terrible with water, so often drink squash and decaf tea, so bravo on your water drinking efforts. You’re loving the carby stuff, oh what I’d kiss for a McDonald’s French frie right now! Any other cravings?


  3. I crave for bread!!! And I put 6 stones!!! … Just be careful…Take care and all the best… Enjoy the pregnancy!!!😊

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    1. Hi Mx, thanks for your comment. Thankfully not putting a lot of weight on – gone all to my boobs (not the best for my back, but it’s better than having a pancake ass!). Have a great day x

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      1. If it goes to the boobs… It’s alright! 😊 keep looking fantastic! 👏


      2. Ha, thanks! 😘

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