25 weeks pregnant -OMG

So I’m 25 weeks pregnant.I have 98 days to go or 3 months and 6 days to go.  My my my, I did not think it would come round this soon.She already has a routine. She can hear my voice, sometimes respond to it, play a ridiculous amount of games at night and has certainly made her mark on letting me know what she does and doesn’t like with loud noises. I already talk to her, pretty much at all times. Thankfully people don’t think I’m totally odd when sitting on the bus and say ‘stop kicking mummy’ after they see my bump.

I look enormous. My tummy is a lot more rounded now, I’m still definitely not expecting twins, my boobs are big and I’ve put on 2 stone. I don’t know how much more weight I’ll put on, but am happy she’s active and healthy.

Things still to do before she arrives

  1. Get her nursery prepared
  2. Sort out my hospital bag
  3. Sort out her hospital bag
  4. Do my birth plan
  5. Think about pain relief
  6. Get the last few bits together for her arrival

At 25 weeks she’s gaining about 1/2 pound every week, growing steadily and practicing with muscles and movements for when she’s out of my womb. I really can’t wait until she’s here. With so much movement inside, I really just want to meet her.Cuddle her, squish her little cheeks, twinkle her little toes and feel her on my skin rather than under it.

For a long time I didn’t think I’d get here, but the 3 month countdown is coming, just 1 more week to go till the countdown of months begin.


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