Preparing for sleepless nights when she arrives

So little missy is a very active little bunny, especially at night. Being the little attention-seeker that she is, she generally starts off the evening around 7.30pm (depending on mood) getting herself ready with a few drum rolls, air guitar punching moves before the Michael Flatley Riverdance gets into full swing with my tummy and ribs about 10.30pm then the finale of what feels like a scene from Walt Disney’s Fantasia at about 11.50pm before hourly stamping on my bladder, a short sleep for a few hours then a firm kick of disappointment at about 5.30am when Sam leaves for work and she’s not thrilled we dared to wake her. I think we have a little madam on our hands. Hmm.


I can feel her move, kick, punch and wriggle. I’m yet to feel her hiccup. Sometimes it’s a cute blessing, other times it’s just downright annoying. Especially when I’ve had limited sleep, I’m exhausted and have work the following day. Some people might see this as a complaint, a moan, which it is in a sense, but anyone who’s had an active baby knows it can be frustrating and drive you potty. One of my friends who is a little under 2 weeks ahead of me has the total opposite. Her baby, a boy, is super chilled out. He’s taken a leaf out of a surfer’s book and is chilled dude. Which makes me question, is my little girl alright or just knows how to push her mummy’s buttons?


I’m still in my second trimester, which means she’s thoroughly enjoying the thumb-sucking, kicking and thrashing about. She’ll happily let us know when she doesn’t like something, like the other night we watched Sausage Party for our date night at the Granville Cinema in Ramsgate. There’s a scene when Meatloaf (Meatloaf as Meatloaf) singing ‘I’ll do anything for love‘ and she kicked me hard in the side twice in disapproval.


Gone are the days of flutters, the butterfly affect, the twitches or a simple little nudge. Now it’s all about the break dancing show off moves. She likes music, depending on what it is, likes the shower sing-a-long that I do whilst massaging my bump, the tummy massages at night and when her daddy talks to her. But God forbid if you do something to annoy her, she’ll happily tell you where to go, or in this instance, happily shove her foot in my side or nestle it under my rib for full blown agony, just coz.


Her movement normally kicks into place at night, but she’ll happily have moments during the day at times that suit her just to make us full aware that she’s here. I’ve noticed the following:

  1. Anything that has sugar in it, anythingThe surge in my blood sugar gives her the best Michael Flatley moves.
  2. When I’m at work. She’ll choose movement over sleeping at any chance she can get.
  3. When I’ve settled down ready to sleep. I’m trying to relax and she’ll use that as the best moment to be in the spotlight.

Thankfully my midwife says an active baby is a healthy baby, so I have no doubt in my mind she’s healthy, she’s just having quite a whale of a time letting me know that she’s in there. I’m pretty convinced though, if there wasn’t 3 months to wait, she’d be out by now. Apart from my millions of pillows, I know there is little that I can do, which has put my one-time glorious evenings of lush sleep firmly to one side and I’m starting to acknowledge this will be it when she arrives. I’ve convinced myself that she ‘knows’ when to annoy me, even though I am 25 weeks and not further down the road. Heavens knows what she’ll be like in a few weeks. No doubt I’ll write a post about it and you’ll all have to hear me moan about it (sorry in advance!)


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