The health benefits of being pregnant


It sounds ridiculous but your health literally becomes a shell of its former self when you become pregnant. Your back hurts, your gums bleed, your skins stretches, your boobs ache, you get headaches, your sense of smell increases, you feet can swell and after a while you can’t see your knees or feet. My best mate thought I was joking when I moaned about it one afternoon, but after explaining it to her, she understood it. You body really does take a battering but there are many bonuses too.

Having a baby really is an amazing experience. Along with your midwife and doctor keeping tabs on your body changing for the sake of your little one, it’s really a good opportunity to focus on your own well-being. Everything changes so quickly when your pregnant, so keeping on top of your heath is super important.

My Psoriasis has completely cleared up


My Psoriasis has vanished since becoming pregnant. Vanished! Ah I’m so happy! I actually want to scream and shout about it. One moment I looked sore, crusty and red, the next my elbows, legs and head has become irritation free!

Anyone who has had psoriasis, eczema or a severe skin irritation knows what it’s like, to constantly bathe your skin in cream, have dry itchy skin basking in the heat under clothes and the nasty negative remarks from people who don’t give a shit about your feelings. It’s horrible. Some experience far worse more than others and whether it takes over a small or large portion of your body, it can knock your confidence for six. Before I was pregnant I tried everything to get rid of it. Everything. Diet, more sleep, exercise, pills, certain creams, lotions, remedies, the lot. But nothing helped ease it or clear it. Until my body became the case that carried our little miracle. My skin is healthier than ever.

My hair is glossier than it’s been in a while


I’m lucky enough to experience glossy hair. I’ve never had ‘glossy’ hair before. So I’m liking it at the moment, whether it’s here to stay or not. It’s definitely thicker and more lustrous than before and by Jo does it grow quicker than usual. Thankfully the weird kink that I used to have has now gone, wonder when that will reappear again? I’ve heard that most of these changes in our hair will revert back to normal about 12 months after our little ones arrive! No!

Our senses heighten


I can smell things now more so than I did before. Smell for me has heightened beyond imaginable. It was bad when I had morning sickness, not helping those hourly trips to the bathroom and now it’s just as bad, I can smell the smell before it’s even here, don’t judge me, it’s true. With that my perception of taste increases at the same time. Since I found out I was pregnant, I stopped smoking which has definitely improved with my high levels of estrogen.

We become more confident in ourselves


Weirdly enough I’ve become more confident that before. My body image has changed a lot and I do have moments when I freak out and not think I’m attractive to Sam and look odd amongst the sea of beautiful women around me, but I feel more confident in certain aspects of my body. My confidence in the way I look has definitely improved. Pregnancy is definitely very testing with the way we look and how we interpret others seeing us too. I consider myself to be quite tall at 5”9 and have always been slim but I was underweight when I fell pregnant, the morning sickness definitely didn’t help that and then I put weight on in loads of different odd places. I was just under 9 stone when I found out I was pregnant and now at 28 weeks I weigh 11 & ½ stone. My boobs look great, I thankfully still have a thigh gap – perks of having long skinny legs – and although big, my bump is a good looking bump. I’m not teeny like my sister was at this stage, but I’m not bothered about that, at least I know my daughter is healthy.

I’m looking forward to the next step of what’s to come with my body.




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