Some ways I interact with Missy


Little Miss is an active baby. As you’ve read from my previous posts she’s a keen kick-boxer, dancer and loves the sound of any form of movement, or even my breathing to set her off on her mission to make herself known. At first the idea of talking to her seemed odd. Like, how on earth would she hear? And it’s seriously so silly, but the more and more she moves, the more I find myself interacting with her. Same goes for Sam, at first he thought the whole idea of interacting with her was absurd but now, he loves chatting away to her, mostly to try and convince her that he loves her more than I do and that she’s got to listen to his favourite band.

I talk and read to her

I spend a lot of my time chatting away to Missy as if she were outside in the real world with me. I’ve plenty of times talked to her and had the weirdest looks from others who think I’ve lost the plot then they see my bump and realise I’m just chatting to her. I know she can hear me and I spend a lot of my time talking to her in so many different situations. My friend Simon, a comedian, has a great group about his conversations with a colleague of his- Amy, that I’m convinced he should marry (even though she’s in a relationship), they’re just perfect for each other and the conversations are A*. Many many times I read the conversations out loud to her, so Simon if you’re reading this, I can definitely say you have a young fan in my little Missy.

I play her music

Much to the annoyance of Sam, his dream of his daughter dancing merrily to Pulp is still being put on hold, not that I know anyone who has danced merrily to Pulp, but he’s keen on a response from her and thus far, she’s not keen. I’ve tried the headphones over my bump, browsing my music library praying that she’ll love one song more than the next, but she’s not keen on the headphones… Missy loves nothing more than a bit of Heart FM. A good mix of all the classics with the later stuff thrown in, she’s in the mood for dancing. That and men’s voices in commercials – which, to be honest, is ever so slightly worrying. I do sing to her in the shower, whilst the water taps down onto my bump, which generally gets a response but she’s more of a mover when the radio is on.

I massage my bump

Most of the time she likes to put her feet under my ribs that cause pain across my bump and if I’m not just massaging my bump with cream, Sam likes to get involved and stroke my bump whilst chatting to her in the evening whilst watching TV. It’s a natural tendency for us mum’s-to-be to rub our bellies, but sometimes you can intentionally do so and give your baby a bit of a massage, which is relaxing and soothing for both of us.


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