Best Pregnancy Apps I love

You’ve got a whole 9 months (or less!) until your little baby arrives and takes over your full and undivided attention. Now that you’re pregnant, avoiding Dr Google like the plague and gear yourself up to the big day in a few months, having some support is super important to keep you sane and help you feel and know that you’re going in the right direction. You already have guidance from your midwife but having a little extra reading material and support to know you’re not completely cracking under pregnancy pressure is reassuring. Whilst Google does give you the answers you need (depending on the search), it’s good to have something handy to your handset that allows you to click and gather information straight away.

Here’s a few suggestions on the best pregnancy apps around that really do help you prepare for when your little on arrives:


  • Free for the ‘lite’ version, £2.99 for premium access
  • Available on iTunes and Andriod

This great app is best delivered through it’s premium service but the lite version is pretty cool whilst you get used to it. It lets you sync your appointments to your phone’s calendar, offers great advice of what to eat, how to keep health and active and you can also see images of real growing baby’s through computer animation, 2D ultrasounds or 3D.

It’s simple to use and visually stunning to look at. It’s incredible to see how your baby develops through all the imagery and there are insights from people who tell you what to expect when you’re expecting.

Baby Bump


  • Free
  • Available on iPhone and Andriod

Learn all the things you need to learn about your pregnancy with this great little app. You can organize, track and plan, connect and shop using this colourful app throughout your pregnancy journey. You can take pictures of your bump throughout the weeks which is great if you don’t mind posing for a selfie, there’s access to community forums, baby names sections, birth plan help and much much more!

What to Expect


  • Free
  • Available on iPhone and Andriod

Although American, this app is great for giving you all the useful information you need within your pregnancy. It lets you know about all the helpful tips and advice you need every step of the way, easy access to their online blog, a weekly newsletter can be subscribed to your inbox, you can upload your weekly bump photo’s and it tells you how many weeks you have left till your little one shows. This app was designed by the folks who made the popular book ‘What To Expect When You’re Expecting.’ 

Aptaclub’s Preparing for Birth 


  • Free
  • Available on iPhone and Andriod

This app is great at all stages of pregnancy but I’ve found it extra useful in the final few months of my pregnancy. The layout is simple and sleek and jam-packed with plenty of information for all mum’s-to-be to help them at every stage of their pregnancy. It has everything you need to prepare yourself for the big day. It has a contraction timer to keep you in the loop for the big get-ready for your little ones arrival. It’s a no frills type app that gives you the info you need without all the faff.





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