The Advantages of Being Pregnant


So, here’s the thing, not only do I have a bun in my oven, getting ready to show face in a few months, I’ve learnt to use my bump in different ways that can be more useful than none.And boy can it be handy…

A convenient coffee table


A great way to hold up your dinner, a bowl of ice cream or hold your juice, without hands! Ah the magic!

Dress it up


You can be as creative as you want, when you want if it puts a smile on your and other peoples faces, especially at parties or at Halloween.

It gets you a seat on public transport


Being pregnant is a big job. You’re carrying a baby around which is a lot of hard work for your body. Once you start showing or earlier if you have a pregnancy badge, you’ll notice most people (I say most, as there will be people who refuse to give up their seats for God knows what reason!) will give up their seats on public transport so you can rest your feet.

Being waited on hand and foot


Now that you’re getting bigger, you won’t be jumping up as easily as before to go get things, include midnight snacks. If you need something and you have help, get your partner or friend to get it for you. Rest those feet and your back, no need to cause injury and rest when you can as often as you can.

You can eat what you want, when you want


Being pregnant definitely has it perks and if you’re hungry at 4 in the morning, eat, don’t go hungry. Keep snacks by your bed if you’re too tired to go to the kitchen. Hunger pains and a kicking baby are a pain together, so keep the noise and kicking at bay and eat.

If you’re tired, sleep!


You’re doing an amazing job already and it’s not easy being a baby carrier. It can be super tiring and although it can be hard trying to sleep at night, if you’re tired, rest and if you’re sleepy at any given moment, sleep. Your body needs the rest and when your baby arrives, sleep will be non-existent so get the rest when you can.

The kindness of strangers


I don’t  know if you’ve noticed but people are really nice to you when you’re pregnant. Especially in the later months when you’re bigger, they want to know what you’re having, how long you have left, names you may have chosen and share any stories they may have too.

Feeling a baby kick and move inside – there’s no feeling like it


There really is no better feeling than having your little one move around inside you, protected from the world and growing away getting ready for their big arrival in a few months. It’s also nice having your partner speak to, kiss and stroke your bump.

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