Last Birthday as a single unit before Missy arrives


So this weekend my mum and her partner Leon came down for the weekend to celebrate my Birthday, which is today. It was great seeing my mum, having exceptional weather, doing a bit of exploring, eating lots of lovely food and cuddles, all whilst I’m a single unit before Missy arrives in 5 weeks & 4 days.

We had some great food at The Charles Dickens pub in Broadstairs, also at The Seven Stars in Canterbury, a yummy meal at The Canterbury Bell in Westwood Cross and ate ice cream overlooking the sea at Chiappini’s in Broastairs. Even after our mini trip around the harbour in Ramsgate, a walk along the parade in Broadstairs and a casual walk around Canterbury that ended in us all going to Mothercare to get the last few bits before Missy arrives. It was lovely to see mum and Leon as a single unit. It’s crazy to think in only a month I’ll be caring for somebody else apart from myself, a little mini version of Sam and I. That’s a mad thought.

As I write this, I’m about to go off to work for my second last shift at the pub, before I go onto my maternity leave on Thursday. I’ve had a lot of beautiful messages from family and friends, lots of phone calls and Missy has been on a rave mission since 5am. So, thanks to everyone who’ve taken the time to tweet me, write on my Facebook wall, message me on LinkedIn, email me, text and call, it’s lovely and much appreciated.



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