The incredible case of my disappearing belly button 

I’m 35 weeks now and boy has the time gone quickly. With that, unbelievable changes have happened with my body and one cannot wait for them to return to normal once Missy is out and I can see my feet again. As my bump has grown more and more, the sight of my feet have gone from view, my boobs have got bigger, my legs ache like no tomorrow supporting this extra weight, my back is sore but my hair is glowing and I don’t look so death like – bonus! But whilst all these changes are happening, one thing I cannot for the life of me, get my head around, is my belly button changing.

I’ve always liked my belly button. It’s a nice belly button, my innie. Usually throughout life your innie stays in and your outie stays out, unless of course you become pregnant and your navel changes shape but this only happens during pregnancy, once your little one arrives, your belly button returns to its normal shape and position.

Why do we have belly buttons?

When our babies float inside their mother’s womb, its belly button looks more like a buttonhole than a button. “The hole connects a fetus to an umbilical cord. The cord funnels nutrients and oxygen from the mother to the fetus. It also carries waste away from the fetus. Once a baby is born, it no longer needs to be attached to its mother with a tube so a doctor will snip off the umbilical cord, leaving behind a small stump. After a few weeks, the stump dries and falls off. What’s left is an innie or an outtie.” [Source: Live Science].

 My belly button changes:
22 weeks pregnant:
25 weeks:
30 weeks:
35 weeks:
My belly button is slowly disappearing and I’m not so sure if I’m happy about this at all! The thought of my belly button popping out is scary. Whilst my uterus continues to push my abdomen forward, my belly button could pop at any moment. Sam is insistent that this won’t happen and although I have 4 & 1/2 weeks left till Missy is due to arrive, it can happen and if it does, there is absolutely sod all I can do about it.

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