Things I’ve missed being pregnant

Although pregnancy has definitely been a whirlwind and an adventure of sorts, there are things that I’m totally looking forward to after the pregnancy that I can’t wait to kick into gear. Guys be so bloody thankful you don’t have to put up with the shite that us women have to go through to bring your child into the world, so bear with us when I say, although pregnancy has had its fun sides, I can’t wait for normality again. Here are the things I’ve missed being pregnant, most things will never be the same again but other things I can at least look forward to….

Have a normal bladder again


You wouldn’t believe how much of a pain in the arse it is to not have any physical control over your own bladder. I can’t wait for that moment when I can sleep a full nights through without having to play the ‘to pee or not to pee’ game at all moments of the night when comfortable.

Being able to see my own feet


As much fun as it is to have a bump, I am looking forward to being able to see my own feet again. To be able to put on a pair or socks or shoes without having to sit down and break my leg bending it in an angle to position it right to casually put them on. I’m not a fan of feet altogether but I’m looking forward to seeing them when I stand up.

Sitting and moving like a normal person


I miss those days of getting off a couch or a seat without requiring help from cushions or Sam or someone to hoist me up. I’m currently sitting as if I have a very big package between my thighs. It’s not attractive but it’s the only comfortable way that I can sit whilst my bump takes over me.


Drinking a glass of wine at the end of a long stressful day


Although I plan to breastfeed and I won’t be allowed to drink until I stop, I do miss those days of having a glass of wine when I’ve had a long day and am tucking into my evening meal with Sam. There was nothing ever really like having a glass of wine at the end of a long day and having that feeling again after all this time, hopefully it’s as fun as I remember, when it happens one day again.

To be able to eat banned foods again



I love steak, and by love I mean there’s an infatuation between steak and I. But being the normal sane person that I am and not wanting to burn the crap out of a good fillet or sirloin, I’ve avoided steak like the plague during this pregnancy. I love a steak rare, red and juicy (how it should be) and I just can’t wait to eat it without having to worry that it will affect Missy.


I love cider and have missed those summer days when I could have a tall glass of Summer Fruits Bulmers over ice.


Most cheeses have been a no no as they’re not pasteurized so it will be great to be able to  eat all cheeses without having to worry.


I don’t even like shellfish but since I’ve been pregnant and worked at The Charles Dickens serving shellfish, I’ve bloody wanted it!

Eat cookie dough or baking mix


“In January 2016, the UK Advisory Committee on the Microbiological Safety of Food found a major reduction in the potential risk of eating raw or lightly cooked UK eggs, leading experts to conclude that it’s now safe for pregnant women to eat their eggs runny or soft-boiled or raw.” [Source: Made for Mums]. This is great news for me, not that I’ll be eating any type of raw egg anytime soon, it does mean that I can sample my cookie dough or brownie mix properly rather than either winging it or expecting Sam to try it for me.

Drink non-decaf tea


I love my decaf tea and although it’s been an absolute lifesaver for my bladder and when I want a cuppa late at night, I do miss being able to drink normal tea. Why? Because decaf tea is so bloody hard to find at any restaurant, cafe, coffee shop, at the hospital, you name it, it’s rarely sold there.

Peaceful sleep


  • I know this is a long shot because until Missy is a certain age, I won’t know what peaceful sleep is like until she’s of an age, so probably never, but still, I look forward to the day I can sleep a little longer than a few winks in my bed, snuggled up to Sam.
  • I miss sleeping on my back without the worry of hurting my back.
  • Getting out of bed without having to roll over or breaking my wrists trying to hoist myself up.
  • Sleeping on my tummy or in the foetal position without 20 million pillows supporting me or my bump.
  • Being able to cuddle Sam without all the extra pillows taking over our space.

Being able to wear other shoes that aren’t my UGGs


I love my UGGs, they are my dream shoes, comfy squishiness for my tootsies to keep toasty. But I miss wearing my Converse, I miss wearing them a lot but at the moment they don’t fit, they’re not comfortable and I’m not happy. I’m a little bored of sensible shoes, I want to be able to wear a pair of shoes that don’t make my feet sweat in the heat.

 I’m sure there’s plenty of things that I’m missing but they’re my top ones. Are there any for you that you missed whilst pregnant? 

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