What will be your labour day playlist? 

Whilst putting together and packing my hospital bag a few weeks ago, I wondered what would be good songs to have on a playlist when labour day arrives, that I’ll either love till the end or hate with a passion for the constant reminder of pain I’m about to endure pushing out my little (ha!) dumpling. Sam is keen for me to listen to his favourite band but I’m not sure he realises there’s a possibility that I won’t want reminding of the pushing, screaming and pain listening to any of those songs. 

Whilst trying to think of songs that I want filling that room of what possibly could be hell, I did have a think of songs that personally, although makes me laugh now, would not be appropriate on any level when the day comes along.

Songs that aren’t appropriate unless you’re calm AF and can laugh throughout your labour

Salt-‘n’-Pepa’s ‘Push It’ 


Diana Ross ‘I’m coming out’


Queen ‘Under Pressure’


Johnny Cash ‘Ring of Fire’


Rod Stewart ‘The First Cut is The Deepest’



Natalie’s Imbrulia ‘Torn’


Take That ‘Patience’


The Verve ‘The Drugs Don’t Work’


Lady Gaga ‘Born This Way’



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