Blood tests, heart rate checks & Obstetric Cholestasis 

The past week has been a bit of a drag. I’ve been in the hospital twice for blood tests and heart rate checks since that horrible afternoon at the hospital last Friday where I had a shock, a cry and mixed reactions. Thankfully my body has been reacting well to the 9 pills I take a day currently for Obstetric Cholestasis and Missy is still as bouncy as ever. 

For those who didn’t read my post last Friday, What is Obstetric Cholestasis? 

It’s a disorder that affects your liver during pregnancy. It causes a build-up of bile acids in your body. The main symptom is itching of the skin with no visible skin rash or irritation. The symptoms get better when your baby arrives. It’s uncommon in the U.K. hence the reason a lot of mum’s-to-be haven’t heard of it as it only affects about 7 on 1000 women (less than 1%) and is more common among women of Indian-Asian or Pakistani-Asian origin with 15 in 1000 women (1.5%) affected. 
Since my diagnosis last Friday I’ve learnt a lot about a new disorder that I, nor most of my family and friends has ever heard of and it’s scary to think that there are so many things that can affect our unborn child. Thankfully with the treatment I’m receiving, we’re both reacting well to it and my itching has drastically gone done but it’s on my radar that so many unknown disorders are out there and the smallest thing can harm our baby’s. Thankfully, although annoying, the pills are working wonders and she’s still as active as ever. 

From here till next week I’ll still be monitored, will still count down the days (14 days to go tomorrow) till Missy is supposed to make her debut, still take my 9 daily pills, still feel every kick, punch, head butt and hiccup, whilst desperately trying to not wet myself at every sneeze, giggle or movement that I make, praying that she comes a little earlier. 

Fingers crossed eh. 

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  1. Tina says:

    So I’ve just followed you on twitter (I’m @babybrained) as found this post when searching for obstetric cholestasis! I think we got diagnosed the same day (Friday 18th). I’m currently 37+4 and being induced on Thursday! I’m pregnant with a little girl and already have a 3 year old son. Looking forward to reading your other blog posts as I imagine we’re going through something similar! Good luck with it all xx


    1. Hi Tina, thanks for the follow. How exciting! Thursday is the day then! Woo! I bet you’re incredibly exciting- final countdown until the big day. 😍 I’ve been crap writing the past few days, I was induced on Wednesday and my little bub arrived Thursday afternoon. Once I get my head around everything I’ll pop my next post up. Good luck with everything and I look forward to hearing about the next time of your journey xx


  2. Tina says:

    Ahh congratulations!! I’ll keep an eye out for updates.
    Hope it went well and you’re enjoying lots of cuddles! The first few days and weeks are so tough but won’t be long before you’re settled in xx


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