The head butting begins 

I have 10 days till she shows and boy am I so over the head butting from Missy. She’s super keen on constantly banging her little head down there, so much so it feels like my bladder is about to explode and my nether regions are about to collapse! I can’t tell you how excited I am to meet her, I love her more than anything, but this is driving me potty. Missy is definitely head down and I’ve noticed whether I’m sitting down, lying down or standing up, that she’s super keen to let me know that she’s trying to find a route to come out by twisting her head or using it to head butt my cervix. It’s uncomfortable. I mean it’s not a terrible amount of pain but it’s uncomfortable and no amount of position changing helps to relieve the pressure in that area. I’ve asked my midwife about it and the nurses who have all said she’s just getting ready for birth, but it’s irritating.

It’s like she’s trying to escape yet no other signs have come about of her making the move for labour to start. So whilst I sit, ponder her arrival and twiddle my thumbs, Missy is having a grand old time using my cervix as practice for a SlipKnot concert.

Missy please just come out!

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