On the boob or off it, how will you be feeding your baby? 

I really want to breastfeed, it’s something that I’ve discussed with Sam from the beginning. I really do want to breastfeed but know that if she doesn’t take to it, that I shouldn’t feel disheartened, that it’s not the end of the world but it’s something that I really would like to do. I have the bottles, the breast pump and everything just in case she does take to it but then I have the necessary back up equipment just in case boob is not the way to go.


No doubt you’ve discussed this at some point in your pregnancy with your partner, a friend, family members, midwife or a healthcare professional and when they arrive, a baby’s feeding schedule is never predictable. There’s only 2 options to choose from, breastfeeding or bottle feeding.

Feeding a newborn whichever your method is a round-the-clock commitment. It takes a lot out of you. You won’t get much sleep, a routine can take a while to kick into place but it’s a good opportunity to begin bonding with your newest member of your family whatever method you choose.

After your baby’s been born, their tummy’s are really tiny, because of this they need to be fed often, anything from 8-15 times for the first couple of days. If you’re trying breastfeeding (which I’ve been told can be tricky for the first few days – so don’t lose heart!), practice latching your baby onto your breast in the way we’ve been previously shown by our midwives.

Feed your baby as often as they seem to want it. Keep them close to you, nestled against your skin and just keep trying for them to latch onto you, before the crying starts. If your baby starts crying, the possibility of baby actually latching on slims, as their tongue is too far back in their mouth to take anything in.

What have you chosen as your feeding choice for when your baby arrives?


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