The best places to stop for a quick bite to eat in Kent

There are some great little places around Kent that offer some treasures when it comes to grabbing a bite to eat, or getting a hot drink whilst taking in the sites. Here are a few of my top places to go to. No doubt I’ll have more I need to add to this post at some point.

Frankie & Benny’s | Maidstone


After spending the afternoon wandering the area and going to see Finding Dory (definitely watch it if you haven’t already), I popped into Frankie and Benny’s with Sam’s sister-in-law and niece for a sit down and something yummy to drink. We got here early on a Saturday evening, around 4pm and apart from a teenage couple on what appeared to be a date, we were the only people in there. We ordered an Orange Fruit Shoot for Adele, a J20 for Kerry and I had a hot chocolate.

What I ordered:

  • Cadbury Hot Chocolate Deluxe  £2.95
  • J20 £3
  • Fruit Shoot £1.85 

This hot chocolate on their dessert menu is simply divine. Glorious Cadbury hot chocolate topped with creamy whipped cream, malteaser chocolate balls and marshmallows sprinkled on top.

Total bill: Under £10

The Charles Dickens | Broadstairs

What I ordered:

  • Hot Chocolate £2.20 (add cream 50p, add marshmallows 50p)
  • Brie & Bacon sandwich £5.50
  • Rustic fries £3

Normally I go for a decaf tea as this place is one of a very few selected places that have decaf tea, which pregnant ladies anywhere will know this is a Godsend, but anyway, their hot chocolate is very yummy and it’s served in a latte glass and looks delish. The sandwich is served on a white bloomer with a little side salad and it’s very filling enough as it is but you can’t resist those skinny rustic fries.

Total bill: Under £15

Cafe Rouge | Westwood Cross, Thanet

Doing some much needed last minute hospital bag shopping, the calls for a bathroom and a rumbling tummy got me debating Costa with a million children or Cafe Rouge with my own table and no screaming children. Obviously I chose the latter. Cafe Rouge was a favourite haunt of my dad’s when we were children and used to go a lot but I haven’t been in recent years as there isn’t one on every corner like there used to be (why is that?!).

What I ordered: 

  • Hot chocolate £2.70
  • Freshly squeezed orange juice £2.60
  • Tap water £0.00 
  • Steak baguette £11.35

I finally gave in and had steak but unfortunately because of all that health stuff associated with being pregnant, I had to get my steak cooked medium well not rare like I normally like it, which was a bit of a bummer but it was yummy and very filling. The staff were very helpful and although it was my first visit to this Cafe Rouge, I’ll definitely be going back, it’s like the Tardis in there!

Total bill: Under £20

The Cupcake Cafe | Margate

If you haven’t been to the old town in Margate yet, you’re yet to experience the little world that it has to offer. Just a few minutes from the beach and the few shops that the council should really invest some cash in to turn the boarded shops and storefronts, is the old town, a quirky boutique area of Margate that really is a treat to find. Just minutes from the Turner gallery, and set upon cobbled roads, there are plenty of boutique shops, galleries, cafes and buildings to feast your eyes on and get your taste buds tickled. Being a first timer thanks to a friend’s recommendation and endless appraisal from a work colleague, I visited the glorious Cupcake Cafe located at 4-5 Market place, Margate. This delightful little cafe is just the perfect location for pots of tea and delicious sandwiches, cakes and cupcakes all handmade on site.

What we ordered:

  • 2 pots of tea (1 decaf)
  • Bacon sandwich
  • Cupcake
  • Brie & bacon toastie
  • Cookie cake

Whilst Emma went for a bacon sandwich on freshly baked white bread, I couldn’t resist my cravings and gave into a Brie, bacon and cranberry sandwich on toasted brown bread with a little salad garnish washed down with a beautiful pot of tea.

Total bill: Under £20 

Bessies Tea Parlour | Broadstairs


Bessie’s offers homemade food and drinks that aim to use local ingredients and support local businesses to keep it within the community. They serve freshly made sandwiches, savouries and a selection of cakes alongside a selection of hot and cold drinks too.

What we ordered: 

  • Pot of decaf tea 
  • Cheese & ham toastie 
  • Cream tea
  • Vanilla & raspberry cake

I went for the Ham and Cheese toastie with a pot of decaf tea, whilst Emma went for a cream tea and a vanilla and raspberry cake. With two pots of decaf tea washed down with a thick cut piece of gammon ham and melted cheese in white bread, our total bill came to £18.85 which for a cosy little cafe, that you could easily miss, with lush music playing in the background, is very affordable without being stuck in a chain cafe.

Total bill: Under £20 

Pizza Express | Harbour Parade, Ramsgate


Sam and I visited this Pizza Express for our last date night before Missy arrived. We shared the main, had a delish pizza each for the main, I had a dessert and shared a bottle of wine. I say shared, Sam had the bottle of wine and I had a few sips mainly topped up with lemonade.

What we ordered:

  • Dough Balls Doppio £7.60 (to share)
  • American £9.65
  • American Hottest £13.20
  • Coleslaw
  • Mixed side salad 
  • Bottle of Pinot Grigio Blush £18
  • Lemonade
  • Tap water £0.00
  • Vanilla Cheesecake £5.35 

Total bill: Under £45

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