I was induced, 11 days early…

Wednesday 30th November 2016: 

So here I am, sitting in the maternity ward, waiting for little Missy to show face. After a chat with my consultant on Tuesday, an induction was scheduled in for today, exactly 11 days before my snuggle pop was due to arrive. This post, by the time it goes out, Missy will be already be here, in our arms, at home, breathing in the day’s air, sleeping soundly in her rocking crib, fed every few hours on her command, with two very happy sleep-deprived parents looking over her, ready to take on the world with their bundle of joy safe within arms reach.

Being induced was hard work. Stressful and at times worrying. You just don’t know what’s going to happen. I was informed only yesterday the plan of action, after blood tests and heart rate monitor checks that both of us were fine, that I was indeed to be induced because of Obstetric Cholestasis. If any of you have read my previous posts you would have read that this is a very uncommon pregnancy condition that affects your liver and makes you feel itchy, sometimes so intensely, without any proof no even through a rash. Because of the OC I couldn’t go beyond my due date and therefore was scheduled in ASAP to have Missy. The days were offered as Wednesday 30th November or Sunday 4th December and seeing as I feel like I’m carrying about 2 stone in weight in my nether regions, haven’t slept for at least a week comfortably, am fed up with the little bladder control I have now and just fed up of everything associated with this pregnancy, I jumped at the chance to be induced on Wednesday rather than Sunday. Worries and fears took place immediately as my consultant wrote down the time and date. Panic spreading like wildfire throughout my body as I thought that this was it, but the process was simple…. Arrive at QEQM at 8.30am at the labour ward, where the first stages of the induction will take place.

The following morning was pretty straightforward, although I hadn’t slept a wink. Jane drove me to the hospital and I walked into the ward expecting lots of screaming women and crying babies, but surprisingly it was very quiet. Whilst I get comfy, more blood tests will be taken and I and little Missy are put on a heart rate monitor and checked over a 24 hour period. Because of this I told Sam to go to work. As much as I love him, he has the patience of a knat and I, no doubt, would strangle him whilst he waited impatiently the whole day for them to say ‘she’s not coming, let’s try again tomorrow.’ So with my laptop perched on my lap, Tesco meal deals, water bottles and Lucozade sports drinks plaguing the side desk, I type away waiting for the next steps.

The day itself is fine. Wednesday is going smoothly. I ate, I slept, I was chilled. The first process of the induction happened at 10.50am. I had a tablet (or pessary) inserted (quite uncomfortable I must admit), and was assured by the midwife that my body and Missy would probably not take it and the gel tomorrow would, after examination 24 hours after the tablet, make some form of notification that she’s on her way. Apart from the constant pressure on my bladder, Wednesday was mainly trying not to lose heart over the terrible WIFI connection, eating, peeing, speaking to every family member constantly, sleeping and thinking about what she might look like. Sam joined me at 5pm, his bag thrown to the corner with my masses of bags piling up in the corner – I must admit I did not need half the crap I packed. With every heartbeat, chats with the midwives and nurses, meals and meet-greets with other to-be-induced mum’s, bouncing away on my birthing ball we waited patiently, tea and chocolate in hand, watching I’m a Celeb for hopefully something to start. After a lot of nothing’s, I told Sam to go home, get some rest and we’ll see what happens in the morning. Sam left at 12.30am, I fell asleep around 1 and woke up to my first contraction at 2.15am followed by my waters breaking 5 minutes later.

And so it began… 11 hours of tiredness, excruciating pain, an embarrassing poo in front of my midwife with mum and Sam just a few feet away, a great support from both of them, a lot of gas and air and a serious struggle to get her out. Now, anyone who says they don’t ‘remember the pain‘ or you ‘forget about it all‘, are either lying or were high as a kite. The pain for me was unbearable. I was tired. Seriously fucking tired and in agony.

2.15am: first contraction

2.20am: water broke 

5am: 3cm dialated 

8am: 4cm dialated

10.30am: 10cm dialated, request for an epidural denied 

After a lot of tireless pushing, gas and air that did very little, a brilliant TENs machine on the highest setting possible, back massages and positive words from my mum and an unbelievably strong hand of the Gods available on call by Sam, I tried to push but the tiredness and pain was too overpowering. At about 10.30am I was 10cm dialated and denied an epidural. Throughout it all, I couldn’t see past the unbelievable pain, I was close to giving up. I was tired but thankfully I was offered an assisted delivery- the use of foreceps. The very thought of it was terrifying but I needed the help, I couldn’t see past the pain or anything. Within a few hours, I was wheeled in, Sam holding my hand and constantly reassuring me, whilst they put in the epidural, slowly losing all the feeling from my chest down, then being told to push. Push as if I was doing a big poo and so I did, with Sam by my side.

Within 30 minutes, my gorgeous beautiful daughter Emily Luiza Castle was born at 1.45pm on Thursday 1st December weighing 6lbs 9oz’s.

Welcome to the world my beauty. It’s now you and us against the world. Nothing can stop us, nothing can stop you, the world stopped when you arrived. We are totally in awe and cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives together. I didn’t think I could love anything or anyone more in my life.

Welcome little Missy. 😘😘 xoxoxoxo


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  1. Nadia L. Botha says:

    Congratulations! She is beautiful beyond words… xx


    1. Thanks Nadia. You next! xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Nadia L. Botha says:

        Still have a good 6 or so months to go, so I’ll be taking a lot of tips from you! 😀


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