Hospital bag- what I didn’t need 

I followed every guideline, researched on every website and took every single bit of advice from family and friends of what I needed for my hospital bag. And I didn’t need it all. In the maternity ward, I walked in with Jane (my mother in law) with all my bags and immediately felt embarrassed with how much stuff I had and how little every one else had, including other first time mothers.  Whilst I sat waiting for the midwife to tell me the itinerary of the day, I started unpacking items from each bag to prepare me for what could become a long stay. 

I had 4 bags

  1. Main bag– baggy clothing for when we leave, TENs machine, 2x wash bags, skippers, cosy toed socks, dressing gown, comfy nightdress for birth, 
  2. Laptop bag – laptop, charger and phone charger, book
  3. Emily’s bag– nappies, nappy bags, towel, plenty of clothes, hat, leaving outfit, teddy 
  4. Snack bag– 3x Tesco meal deals, drinks, water, chewing gum 

Sam was to bring in his bag and extra snacks when he came later.

Now, from every other expectant mother on the maternity ward, it certainly looked like I had moved in for the week, or getting ready for a very comfy holiday abroad. There were 3 other couples on my ward. Each at different stages of being induced and each with just a bag or so with them. 

I didn’t need my dressing gown. I didn’t need my slippers. I didn’t need my hair or  face wash but I did need more baby clothes. I didn’t know how many times I would need to change her, but I did, a lot. I also didn’t see myself holding her and accidentally pulling out my hand intravenous catheter pissing blood everywhere thinking the worse and getting myself into a panic, or spilling water on her or a bit of juice. I didn’t have enough babygro’s (or ones that fitted her properly)- that I wasn’t prepared for. If I had prepared myself and her with more clothes it would have been better. Same as I wish I packed more breast pads. I also wish I packed my teddy, for comfort mainly. 

Trying to juggle all our stuff and her in the car seat to the cab on departure was quite amusing, I was only in for 3 days!! Should there ever be a next time in the future, my hospital bag will be a lot smaller and I know I won’t need as much things. 

Is there anything you needed that you forgot or vice versa? 

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