Crib life 

Emily has a gorgeous swinging crib that my mum bought for her. As perfect and beautiful as it is, currently it’s being used as a storage unit for nipple cream, bottles of water, muslin cloths, towels and Naples. Why? Because currently Emily doesn’t feel comfortable enough in a big open space. Even with the beautiful Peter Rabbit nursery cot Mobile hanging over the side ready to play its soothing tune, the cot lays empty, but, knowing if a few weeks to come, Emily will be happily gracing it her presence. 

For the time being, Emily seeks great comfort in smaller spaces. Maybe it’s a reminder of her days in my tummy, who knows but currently it’s all about he carrycot. Wrapping her up under her blanket and snuggle her into her snuggle blanket, she sleeps soundly beside my side of the bed. 

She’s very been on having cuddles. Knows instantly when I’ve left the room for a few seconds, even if she’s been asleep for the past 2 hours. If she’s not in her carrycot, she’s being comforted by her daddy or myself. She’s not keen on being swaddled as she likes her hands free and feet free for stretches, high kicks and showing off her Vogue, bunny or hands-are-earphones moves. 

I’m looking forward to when she’s older rocking her to sleep, annoying the hell out of Sam and myself with the same sodding tune on her cot Mobile but until then, I suppose I should enjoy the silence! 

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