Review: Debenhams Cafe, Westwood Cross, Ramsgate 

Debenhams classes this place as a restaurant but to me it feels more like a cafe. A big open space, with floor to ceiling windows giving a full on view of Westwood Cross. I wouldn’t normally have visited this place but the other Friday whilst waiting for Emma, Costa coffee was packed. God knows why on a Friday afternoon but it was this place or tea in a cup on a bench with a week old baby and a 3 month old- wouldn’t have been a wise idea at this time of the year. 

I ordered: 

  • Pot of tea 
  • Homemade scone with butter 
  • Pot of jam
  • Packet of crisps 
  • Bottle of raspberry lemonade 

For just under £7, I thought the whole ‘meal’ was overpriced and really not that great. I’m not a huge fan of scones but the food on offer hardly grabbed at the tastebuds. The scone was quite powerdery  and lacked the true texture and taste of a homemade scone. The raspberry lemonade that I’ve drunk before was ridiculously overpriced. I’m really quite disappointed in the cafe and won’t be rushing to go back there again. The food on offer under the hot plates looked terrible and the staff all seemed too busy huddled around the coffee machine to care that a few tables needed clearing. The only positive was one of the ladies helped bring my tray over whilst I pushed the buggy. 

Never mind! Onto the next place to visit. 

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