Emily’s photo shoot with Maz 

We received a gorgeous gift from Sam’s cousin JoJo when Missy arrived; a photo shoot- a perfect memory keepsake for her future. Now anyone with a smartphone will know that taking photos can happen daily, especially if you’re a selfie addict, a professional photographer or new parent and in this day and age, taking a photo that we’ll actually print and put in a frame and on the wall, is pretty much unheard of. From the moment Emily came into the world, Sam and I have gone a little mad with the amount of photos taken on our iPhones- the last import to my laptop counted in at 160 photos in 10 days. I’ve actually deleted apps so that my phone can support the extra few MB’s of data to cover the photo’s I’m taking of Emily’s facial expressions or general being in a daily basis.

Last Monday, we arranged to go to Maz’ house to have a baby photo shoot to capture Emily. Anyone who’s a parent will know how quickly our little ones change each day and week. My God Emily has changed so much and she’s only a few weeks old. The baby portrait photo shoot taken by Marie ‘Maz’ Challis, Ramsgate’s highly talented professional photographer was all about creating a work of art. With her studio set in her garden, heater on, creating a warm soothing atmosphere for Emily, Maz got to work creating a breathtaking, exquisite, beautiful set of pictures of little tiny Emily in an array of poses for the perfect picture that we will be able to admire and treasure for years to come.

Being the size that Emily is, trying to photograph Emily was an easy task. Thankfully all Emily wanted to do was sleep making the whole experience easy for all of us. With the room all set up all ready for her, Maz started off with a few photographs of Emily in her birthday suit before dressing her in the Santa babygro I bought her in Boots earlier that day.

Maz was a delight. She has a really soothing calm personality and made Emily feel very much at ease which helped especially on a day like Monday when it was horrible rainy weather and Emily was in a bit of a funny mood. It’s hard keeping a child entertained at the best of times but thankfully Emily was soothed by the relaxed atmosphere Maz had created for her. Emily was content throughout and didn’t complain once! 

I’m really excited to see the photos and can’t wait to get them printed and framed for our wall and for my mum, Sam’s mum and my grandparents. 

If you’re in the Thanet area and looking for a photographer whatever your occasion, get in touch with Maz today via Facebook, email, her websitewebsite or call her on 07933 902 1240.

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