Mum’s recommends – creams

This is the first of many posts to come recommending products for that all important journey for mummy after birth. Your health is just as important as your newborns. After a few suggestions from friends and followers I’d thought I’d conduct a little research and find out what new and existing products mummies recommend for those all important months after your baby arrives. This first blog post is around creams used for your skin – bump, stretch marks etc.

Holly, 25 yo, Epsom | Mum to Evie (2) and Amelia (5m)



“I wish I had more time for beauty products but with two little ones, the best cream I can recommend is Lansinoh Nipple Cream. If you’re breastfeeding, it’s vital. It’s expensive but worth it. It really is the best one.” 

 Cassie, Australia | Mum to Austin (17m) and expecting second child in May 2017 

“Coconut oil is brilliant, I used it throughout pregnancy and after. It’s natural and can be used on bub if they get dry skin or cradle cap. I’m a bit of a hippy at heart and use it for everything. If you are breast feeding, rub some milk around your nipples and let them dry out. Better than any shop bought product I found. No stretch marks.”

Lauren, 24 yo, Heston | Mum to Lily-Mai (3) and twins Bonnie & Thomas (1)


“Pregnancy gave me oily skin and when not pregnant I have relatively dry skin. Clean and Clear Dual Action is my saviour. Works for both oily skin and dry skin. And makes your complexion perfect. And as for stretch marks and stuff im the kinda person who doesn’t attempt to get rid. Lol.”

Emma, 26 yo, Margate | Mum to Elliot (2) and Adam (5m)

“Used this for years and I love it for hands face and everywhere!! Also haven’t used it but my mom had an operation last year and swears by  bio oil for scars and stretch marks. You can barely see her scar now.”

Rhona, Isleworth| mum to Joshua (21m) and Jacob (1w) 

“I used mama mio stretch mark cream (I used two but can’t remember the other one, switched to this one). It was great… didn’t leave me with any marks. However I’m sure coco butter would have been just as good.”

Alice, Isleworth| mum to Matthew (14m) 

“I used palmers coco tummy butter for my stretch marks before and after. Lucky to say I only got them around my nipples so I swear by it.”

Danniella, Isleworth | Mum to Ava (19m)

“Baby oil on the bump a couple of times a week after showering! Not one single stretch mark. An older lady told me about it and it 100% worked for me.” 

Nicole, Ramsgate | Mum to Amber (4), Finley (3) and Kane (6m)

“I just used dove cream didn’t do much but sometimes stretch marks can fade naturally.”

Fiona, London | Mum to Tallulah (20m) 




Nip and fab cellulite fix was literally like having a plastic surgeon on hand after birth! Orange peel reduced and everything just a teensy bit tighter! Can I get a Hallelujah? Dove summer glow for brighter skin even when you feel like death and Touché eclait for those big bad bags!”

 Any products you swear by that have been your miracle worker in early motherhood? 


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