Things not to say to women who breastfeed 

Believe it or not but even if you choose to breastfeed there will be someone out there who is keen to stick their oar in and stir up some crap for you doing what’s natural. I know right. Unfortunately there are too many experts out there who will be negative, disapprove and can be mean with their criticism of how breastfeeding should be done, they’re the same bunch who’ll lecture those who choose to use formula. 

Whatever the situation women can provide a healthy supply of breast milk. Unfortunately you will have the negative parade questioning your ability to make enough breast milk at least once in your time as a new mother. But don’t let it beat your confidence. Whatever your height, weight, breast size, you can produce enough healthy breast milk to supply for your child. As soon as you give birth in a baby’s first few days they get enough nutrition from colostrum which isn’t measurable but provides everything needed for your baby’s first start in life. And like your midwife says, as long as you have a happy, healthy, growing baby, that is all that matters. 

‘You’re feeding her too much’ 

Breast milk is different to formula. With formula you have measured feeds with breast you don’t. But this shouldn’t be s worry for you. Breast milk is digested more easily than formula, so a breastfed newborn eats more often — about every one to three hours. All of my friends who breastfeed do it on demand. If their baby cries out in hunger, they’re fed. Whenever and wherever. What baby wants, baby gets. 
‘Father’s can’t bond with their child when you breastfeed.’

Honestly I think this is the last thing on your partners mind. Dads do not need to feed their children in order to bond with them. Feeding is only a small part of your baby’s life. Although very important, food doesn’t take centre stage in the loving, growing, developing part of your baby’s life. Also they can do things with the baby on their own. Bonding occurs when a baby is being held and talked to, during nappy changes, baths, playtime, and through the many other activities that go along with caring for a baby on a daily basis. 
“Cover yourself up, no one wants to see that in public.”

Calm yourself, you’re tucking into your sandwich without a care in the world, my baby is eating doing the same. Is it hurting anyone? No. Breastfeeding is natural and shock horror women have breasts and when a baby has to eat a baby has to eat. So put your old fashioned views to one side and sod off. 

‘Your boobs are massive. I bet that hurts your back, have you been measured for a good quality bra?’
Getting fitted for a good bra makes sense if you want to avoid the pain of heavy engorged breasts most days. It will also do wonders for your back. 
‘Sit up straight or you’ll damage your back.’

Posture is important especially when you’re feeding your baby. But you’ll know when feeding your baby the best position and what works for you. 
‘Give her formula at night, honestly she will sleep straight through the night.’ 

Don’t listen to anyone else. How you choose to feed your baby is your choice and not theirs. Formula-fed babies can sleep all through the night and others can’t. Emily sleeps on average of 4 hours a night before she needs a feed on formula (fed 2x a night) and that’s at 6 weeks old. But this can change in a few weeks when she gets bigger. Saying that my friend Sanna’s son who is 2 days younger is breastfed and needs feeding 3-4 times a night. You just don’t know how long your baby will sleep for at this early stage. It really doesn’t matter what way you feed them as long as they’re being fed! 

‘Your boobs are going to sag if you carry on breastfeeding.’

Honestly, we can’t catch a break. It’s common knowledge this is a concern for many but breastfeeding doesn’t make your boobs sag. It’s all down to genetics and your genes. 

‘You’ve stopped breastfeeding already?’

When the time comes you should choose when you want to stop. You might be feeling positive, proud and sad that it’s finally coming to a close. There’s a possibility you might be feeling guilty as your baby won’t be using you as their main source of food anymore but that’s normal. 
‘You’re still breastfeeding?!’

Clearly you can’t do anything right with breastfeeding or formula according to some. It’s up to you no one else whether you should stop or carry on when others do. It’s up to you how long you continue to nurse for. 
Ignore the haters. There’s going to be an army and it’s mother who are going to voice their concerns or compliments, take it all with a pinch of salt. It’s your life, your baby. You choose how you feed your child and how they develop. No one knows your child better than you. 

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