Why does my baby insist on being awake all the time?

Babies at this age love to sleep right? I mean it’s part of the package when they’re this small; eat, sleep, poop repeat? Well there must’ve something wrong with my baby then because for some unbeknown reason she’d rather be up all day than nap and go to sleep. So much so, she’ll happily keep her left eye slightly open just to make sure she’s not missing out on anything. She’s 8 weeks old! My friend Emma says her youngest was like this and it’s just a faze but I really do hope it’s a faze because who on earth doesn’t like sleep? Especially when her parents love it, even if it is limited. After exploring the three usual suspects sleep, eat or bot bot change, trying to figure out what is making Emily want to stay awake all day with little to no naps is making me pull my hair out. 
The first few weeks after her birth she slept all the time without hassle but then she was super tiny and labour was hard work for her. But fastforward 8 weeks and she’s a sleep fighter. I cannot for the life of me understand it. It not only baffles me but also my family and friends. She just won’t sleep during the day except when cuddled. On three separate occasions on yesterday she fell asleep in my arms, her body limp in deep peaceful slumber, making the smallest of sounds, her breathing gentle in her comfortable surroundings, yet as soon as her head touched the bed, BOOM it was party time and she was wide awake. Why?! 

Should I complain though, because during the night she sleeps very well. During the day she is so alert, moving her head around keen to not miss out on the action. At night Sam will bath her, get her ready for bed, turn the bedside lamp on, I’ll feed her and she’ll go down for the night and have on average 4-6 hours sleep which is great. As she doesn’t sleep during the day she gets very irritable very quickly, thus making her upset and keen on constant cuddles. She’s happy when she’s fed and cuddled. Most of the time she’ll fall asleep when I’m winding her but will mostly wake up when I move her. I’ve tried swaddling her but she’s not a fan of that, believe me I’ve tried on numerous occasions. I’ve put her in her baby carrier and walked around with her strapped to my chest in a hope she’ll give in and sleep but she’ll clock onto my plan within moments. But as Emma said, it will pass, even if that does mean I say it through gritted teeth admiring all those new parents who manage to every day be able to get on with a routine during the day whilst their baby sleeps. I envy you. Here’s hoping it will happen soon. Fingers crossed. 

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