Putting the ‘Yummy’ into Yummy Mummy 


  • Where: JoJo’s Hair & Beauty, Newington Road, Ramsgate 
  • When: Tuesday 24th January 

With an 8 week old baby it’s difficult to always find the time to make yourself look good. Although I can put Emily in her bouncer, put on some tunes (nursery rhymes) and hope she falls asleep to the running water. Most of the time trying to shave my legs, have a shower, wash my hair or put on make up generally comes with some intense staring and a vocal worthy only of ITV’s The Voice.  A few days ago I  treated myself to a visit to JoJo’s Hair & Beauty. For those of you who don’t know who Jo of JoJo’s is, you really are missing out.

Mumtrepreneur Jo is a mother of three, aged eight to nineteen (the oldest, Coral runs one of her high street salons) has one of the bubbliest personalities known. With three hair & beauty salons in Ramsgate, Kent, Jo has been putting her manicured hands on the map for the past five years. What’s great about JoJo’s is that you feel right at home. The girls offer tea or coffee on arrival and it feels like you’ve just stepped into your friends house. Everyone is bubbly, chatty and friendly and very professional in the service they deliver.

I needed an update on the mop than covered the top of my head. For 8 weeks I’ve not used a hairdryer in fear it would startle Emily. I’ve managed to get it washed, but most of the maintenance that’s supposed to follow like brushing and using a hairdryer has mostly gone out the window for Emily for whatever reason that moment calls for. I wanted an upgrade. A hairstyle that was easily manageable, required little effort for a mother with a 2 month old. If you’re a parent yourself, you’ll know your hair needs TLC but keeping it looking awesome takes a back seat when your little one needs your attention when awake.

The afternoon involved a yummy mummy consultation by Jo herself whom I trusted completely to turn the mess into something wonderful. Whilst Emily snoozed on the couch, I had my hair highlighted, washed, massaged and cut into something so much better than before. Usually my mum is the go-to person to do my hair but since I’ve moved to Ramsgate trying to find a hairdresser when pregnant was the least of my worries. Now that I live here, JoJo’s is my new go-to salon of worship. There’s a whole host of hair and beauty treatments on offer. Today I went for a low-lights, a trim to lose the weight pulling down my hair & to reshape it and a blow dry.

The overall experience in the salon, a first for me ever, was great. I was out of the house all afternoon, had cups of tea on demand, Emily was doted on by all the girls, even having her nappy changed and was fed and fussed over- lucky girl! And my end result was exactly what the doctor order. Before I looked frumpy, disheveled and tired, after I looked happier, confident and surprisingly enough healthier. Surprising what a good hair cut and TLC can do to someones confidence.

I would definitely recommend any mum-to-be and new mum’s go and invest a small amount of their time to go to a hair or beauty salon and have a bit of me-time. Your little one will be looked after, because who doesn’t love a baby or if you can get your partner to look after the little one, go with a friend and take advantage of the quiet for a little while. Whilst getting your hair can be nice, there are other services on offer too. But go do it. Mummy deserves a bit of me time, remember?!

Go on, treat yourself.

JoJo’s is offering 10% off any hair or beauty treatment for all pregnant ladies and yummy mummy’s. All you have to do is mention ‘YummyMummy17’ at one of JoJo’s salons

If you would like to book an appointment at JoJo’s, check out their Facebook pages:


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