Emily sleeps 5-7 hours a night, I know, amazing huh?


Emily is brilliant with her night time sleeping. I mean she sleeps 5-7 hours a night. That’s brilliant and yes, I’m bragging a little. For the past week, we’ve stayed inside in the warmth rather than brace the cold outside. With this Emily has been having a bit of a growth spurt and has started showing signs that she’s teething which means her usual catnaps of 10-15 minutes here and there have gone to 30 minutes to an hour or two. She’ll also sleep in her cot whilst I potter around downstairs. She’s beginning to understand the difference between night and day.

The routine we have in place currently stands at a little later than probably most families but this is because of our evenings. Sam works in London, by the time he’s got home, it’s 6pm, Sam has his shower, gets comfy and we like to have our dinner together. Sam will bath Emily about 8-8.30pm, get her into her PJ’s, feed her and then the getting her to sleep routine starts. Depending on her mood this can be a game or easy as 1-2-3. Genuinely she’s in bed, in a deep sleep by 10pm and will happily sleep through the night till at least 4am, sometimes longer, or less depending on her mood the previous evening.

I sing to her, badly, I haven’t got a voice worthy of the UK Music Charts but she finds my version of 3 Blind Mice a hit when it comes to being soothed and helping her drift off into la la land. In a few weeks, we’ll try getting her to sleep earlier with the same routine, but for the moment what we’re doing works and I can’t complain about my lack of sleep because she gives me a few hours at least, it’s better than most people I know.

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