Valentine’s Day with a new baby 

This Valentine’s Day was different to last year. This year it involved Emily. She’s 12 weeks old and it’s safe to say although I don’t mind leaving her for an hour or two with Sam or my mother in law during the day I can’t do it in the evening just yet. It’s a little too early for that. Plus it goes without saying that we’re both exhausted and if we did go for dinner we’d probably fall asleep in our Eton Mess. So this year’s planning involved staying at home cooking a lush dinner, having a tipple or two and celebrating our relationship. For me Valentine’s Day has never really been about all the over-the-top lovey dovey smoochy poo ‘ I love you more, no you more, No you more pookie bear!’ crap. I prefer to celebrate it without the fancy restaurant, and the over-the-top prices. A home cooked meal or popping down the pub was more our thing.

We could of ordered out but why order grease when we can have a home cooked meal, with a bottle of wine and save the expense. It’s far tastier and any leftovers would be a meal another day. I cooked Sam his favourite dish Spaghetti Bolognaise but I’m really going out of my way here making him a Banofee Pie. 

I loathe it, personally it’s too sweet for me but it’s Sam’s favourite and I did make it for him. Homemade is better than shop bought anyway. Anyway I made it, he ate a slice, promised to eat the rest and it sat in the fridge until he forgot about it. I should have gone with double chocolate fudge cake, that will be the plan next year.

Valentines Day as a singleton

Treat yourself


Have a long relaxing bath



Send love elsewhere


Meet friends


Go to the pub and meet your friends


Sit at home and eat chocolate


Or fail all of the above and cry at home because you’re single


Valentines Day as a couple

Meet for drinks


Go out for dinner


Lots of sex


The opportunities are endless! 

Valentines Day as a parent 

Try and find time to go out for a meal


Try and make dinner

How we think we look….


How we actually look….


Attend to baby


Try and be romantic….


 But fall short when tiredness kicks into gear…


But at the end of the day, whatever the plans are supposed to be, just have a snuggle and get some sleep! 


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