Emily’s 3 months today, what a big milestone 

Emily is 3 months today and she has achieved a fair amount in her short time since her birth. Personally I can’t believe that the time has flown by so much. If you didn’t believe time could escape you at an unbelievable rate, wait till you have a baby. It slips through your fingers quicker than quicksand.

She can hold her head up high 

Whilst this has been a slow development over the past 12 weeks, Emily can hold her head without bobbling it around now. Her neck muscles are a lot stronger now and she can be as nosey as she wants over my shoulder or elsewhere.

She loves looking at herself in the mirror 

In the morning just after I’ve brushed my teeth, before going downstairs to get her bottle, holding Emily facing me, we both look in the mirror. Whilst I pull silly faces and make ridiculous noises, Emily produces the biggest smiles and makes the cutest sounds.

The fascination with her hands 


It’s like she’s plotting to takeover the world. Either way I love watching her trying to figure it out.

Kicky kinicky

One of my nicknames for her is Kicky Kinicky. The legs are in rivalry with Michael Flatley, Lord of the Dance. She sure has some power in those legs of hers.

She loves smiling

I love how her whole face lights up. I love how she’ll be in a grumpy little mood, then will smile and look so damn adorable, gorgeous and happy.

That’s mine, and that and that

Although she’s not noticing it, Emily is starting to grab things like my hair, her Granny’s necklace, my top, anything within her tiny arms reach is now there to grab.

She’s starting to talk to herself 

Emily is now slowly starting to babble. She enjoys chatting to herself. She’s completely inaudible but amongst her cute smiles, she’s attempting to imitate the sounds she hears.

She’s mastered tears without actual tears 

Yes, Emily has mastered the fake tears. How at this age, I’ll never know but she has. All generally starts with whimpering and the bottom lip follows. This can last for hours, for no reason at all. Oh and she wants to be held the whole way through this extravaganza.

She loves a good stretch 

It’s the cutest thing, when a baby wakes up from their little dream and stretches and the look of satisfaction on their face after.

Emily sleeps 10-12 hours a night with 1-2 breaks for food 

Emily has been sleeping well at night for weeks. We are very lucky. A few of my friends struggle to get their babies to sleep longer periods at night but I suppose bottle feeding does have its advantages.

It’s mad to think she’s already 3 months old. I honestly can’t believe the time has flown so much. But it’s so amazing to see how much she’s changing in all those weeks. I’m looking forward to seeing what the next few months brings.

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