Amazing milestones: 3 months  

Babies grow at an unbelievable rate and transform from dependant newborn to active infant in a really short time. It’s also such an amazing thing to witness. Emily’s gone from a teeny tiny little baby to holding her head high and gurgling. Her vision has changed, she can see us and smiles when we make silly faces or laughs when we do funny things, she’s more aware of what’s going on, taking a huge interest in Bing, Go Jetters and The Furchester Hotel and has an amazing fascination with her hands, mostly to suck on them or to play with things around her.

Get a grip

At 14 weeks Emily was getting a real grip on things. Most days my hair but if she’s not yanking on my tresses, she’s starting to really take a hold of objects. 

Catching some zzz’s 

Emily sleeps on average of 10 hours a night now with 1 or maybe no formula feeds, which is pretty amazing for a baby her age! 


We tried a little taste test at Emily’s 3 month milestone by trying a bit of banana which went down a treat. Amusing that she ‘ate’ the mashed banana like a lizard. This was Emily’s first attempt at solids. For the next 3 days I tried carrot & mashed potato, puréed peas and sweet potato which gained a little interest but more of a fascination with her very own pink spoon. 

Head start 

Emily’s neck muscles have been strong for a little while now. She’s very alert and likes to know what’s going on keeping her head held high as she pays attention to all sorts. 

Put your left leg in, your left leg out, in out, in out… 

Her motor skills are top notch. You’ll notice this as a parent all the little amazing things your baby does in their first few months. Emily stretches out her legs and kicks when on her tummy or back. 


She can bring her hand to her mouth and grabs her toys on her playmat or shakes her hand toys when given or placed near her. She loves her playmat, casually swiping her hands above her at the objects dangling ahead. 

Look who’s talking 

Ok Emily can’t actually talk yet but her gurgles, cooing and the sounds she does make is pretty awesome to be part of. It’s like she’s trying to tell me something pretty amazing and I’m loving this stage in her development. 

Roly Poly 

Emily can’t do a full rollover but she can roll onto her side, which is a start. She’s getting there. 

360-degree turn

Emily has a huge fascination with the ceiling or her great-grandparents ceilings lights and she’ll stare in amazement as she kicks her feet and move her body around. 

Hoppity Voooosh! 

She maybe too young to be watching TV but she has a great interest in Bing, Go Jetters,  DipDap, and Octonauts. She smiles, laughs, gurgles and coo’s to all her favourite shows. 

So much has changed in a very short period and it’s so amazing to witness. Sam and I were saying the other day how crazy it is to see when she was too tiny to be in the cot when she was a newborn and we had to put her in the carrycot instead as it was smaller and made her feel safe. Now she’s so comfortable in her crib and takes up half the space! Can’t wait to see what happens over the next few months. 

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