Baby food review: Boots Organic Apple Porridge 


Boots Organic Apple Porridge for babies 4m+ 

They say:

Boots Baby Organic Apple Porridge Stage 4-6months 250g

Breakfast The most important meal of the day. Breakfast is the best way to start the day. It fuels the brain and body with energy and essential nutrients and supports children’s health, growth and learning. It’s Important to start good habits early so be sure to give your child a Healthy breakfast every day’ says Vicky Pennington, Boots Nutritionist. Our products help provide your little one with a varied, balanced diet. The organic ingredients used in boots baby Organic have been carefully selected from fully-certified suppliers.


Add the required amount of food with your baby’s usual warm previously boiled water and stir thoroughly:

  • From 4-6+months: Amount of food approx. 15g (2 1/2 tablespoons), Amount of water approx. 60ml (4 tablespoons).
  • From 7 months: Amount of food approx. 45g (7 1/2 tablespoons), Amount of water approx. 130ml (8 1/2 tablespoons).

We say:

Although seriously messy to feed a baby porridge at any age, this is definitely a food that’s been an instant hit with Emily. As soon as I started feeding her this, she’s was pulling that spoon into her mouth, demanding more with each mouthful. Maybe it’s the hint of apple, the taste of porridge or the texture that interests her, but whatever it is, her routine currently every morning around 10-10.30am is a very small bowl of porridge instead a bottle of formula, generally finished off with a very messy Emily (food in places, only parents can understand), a warm soapy bubble bath and a nap straight after.  I’m loving this experience with Emily. It’s such a fun stage and this is only the beginning. 

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