Easter eggs 


When I was little, I couldn’t wait for Easter Sunday to come, so I could with my sister, count through all the Easter eggs we both got and decide which one we’d feast on first. As much as mum tried desperately to make us wait till after lunch, whenever we went to mass and the priest would hand out little Easter eggs, we’d all rejoice as we’d tuck into all that chocolatey goodness before midday. Now that I’m older, I just don’t enjoy chocolate as much as I used to. OK, OK, let me finish before you all go a little crazy. Maybe my taste buds have changed over the years, or my excessive drinking wine throughout my twenties have got rid of the need to love chocolate as much as everyone else, I don’t know, but, I do love a big bar of Galaxy chocolate It’s almost like it should be forbidden, it’s that good. The smooth, creamy texture of Galaxy is just to die for, that melt-in-your-mouth delicious silky treat and very few chocolates can come close, so forgive me for being a little fussy. Anyway, when it comes to Easter egg buying, I normally go for the chocolate that I would favour over a brand name.

I bought Sam an Easter egg. He has a bit of a sweet tooth but I’m starting to think he’s not keen on chocolate anymore as I seem to buy him chocolates as little presents (Christmas, stocking fillers, Valentine’s day etc) and they just sit there, in a cupboard. He’s got a Malteaser Easter egg as Sam can’t seem to resist their chocolate bars.

In just a few days Easter will be here and it’s that one day of the year where it’s completely acceptable to sit on your ass all day and scoff the lot. But how do you know which egg to buy? You don’t want to shell out a lot of money for an Easter egg and be disappointed. So here are the top Easter eggs I’ve seen online, instore and featured in magazines that go from cheap and cheerful from the damn right mad!

Tesco | Medium Easter Eggs | From £1.50

Small Easter eggs from £1, large Easter eggs from £6 (any 2 for £10) or luxury eggs from £8.

Aldi | Moser Roth Luxury Eggs | £4.99


If you love gourmet chocolate make sure you taste our Moser Roth Luxury Eggs, made with ethically sourced single origin cocoa from Fairtrade producers renowned for their harvest. Choose from velvety smooth Ghanian milk chocolate, with its creamy, delicately fruity notes, or rich, intense dark chocolate from Peru, made with Criollo and Trinitario beans – the choice of the world’s leading chocolatiers.


Aldi | Exquisite Easter Egg | £7.99


Our Specially Selected Exquisite Eggs are made exclusively for us by a family of award-winning confectioners in St. Ives, Cornwall. With a passion and a flair for fine, bespoke confectionery, they have been making luxury chocolate eggs for the past 40 years, with skills passed down through 3 generations. Available in a choice of 2 designs, decorated by hand with edible chocolate crystals or a shimmering metallic lustre, each of these stunning sculpted eggs is truly unique.
Choose from Marc de Champagne Truffle or Praline Truffle.

Prestat | Hot Cross Bun Spiced Easter Egg |£17.50


Other eggs may go all out on appearances, but Prestat’s focus is on the taste. For 2017, it has come up with a suitably seasonal hot cross bun-themed variation, infusing milk chocolate with delicious and fragrant spices. It comes wrapped in ribbon and packaged in a gift box along with a handful of mini eggs.

Melt London | Children’s Milk Chocolate Gold Egg | £19.99


Our very special Easter Bunny Egg is a delightful gift for kids of any age. Invite the Melt Bunny over for the Easter Weekend!

Designed in-house – this bunny has an ingenious cardboard holder – perfect for painting and decorating. Keep the kids busy and bring out their artistic streak over the Easter weekend. Get some glue, sequins, pots of paint and let their imaginations run wild!

Lick The Spoon | Emerald Easter Egg | £25


Emerald Easter Egg. Luxury ArtNouO Emerald design Pistachio and Sesame Easter Egg with pistachio Caramel chocolates. Our stylish new ArtNouvO design Emerald Pistachio and Sesame Milk Chocolate Easter Egg in a rigid luxury with a drawer containing six Pistachio Caramel chocolates.  220g.

Hotel Chocolat | Extra Thick Easter Egg | £27 


Our Extra-Thick Eggs are all about the lavishly thick shells that have starred in our Easter daydreams since we were children: mouthwateringly indulgent with a satisfying ‘crack’ as they break apart in your hands.

Patisserie is an egg of two generously proportioned halves: the 50% milk chocolate and pecan praline of pecan pie and the caramel chocolate, mascarpone, yogurt and pinch of salt that makes salted caramel cheesecake. We’ve wrapped it in gold foil for a glint of anticipation when you untie the ribbon and lift the lid, then filled it with delicate desserts recreated in chocolate and wrapped in tissue paper for a little mystery. Can’t wait? This year’s egg contains Carrot Cake, Caramel Cheesecake, Treacle Tart, Eton Mess, The Brownie, Mousse au Chocolat, Fudge Sundae, Tiramisu and Rhubarb & Custard.

Cadbury’s | Easter Sharing Basket | £30


The Sharing Easter basket makes an affordable gift hamper. Full of delicious a selection of Easter Cadbury chocolate. This exclusive Cadbury Gifts Direct hamper also includes the NEW Dairy Milk Bunny with Popping Candy. Have a very fun Cadbury chocolate Easter with Cadbury!

Montezuma’s |The Easter Bunny Hamper | £98.99 


The Easter Bunny really has had his work cut out with this one! Enough chocolate to keep you going til Christmas!

Includes Dark, Milk & White Cheeky Bunnies, Caramel Eggs, Peanut Butter Mini Egg Bag, Milk & Butterscotch Eco Egg, Dark Eco Egg, x16 Grand Truffle Collection. Almond & Vanilla Dollops, Lordy Lord Bar, Bean Machine Bar, Minted Bar, Space Hopper Bar, Milk Dark & White Button Bags, Hazelnut Kingdom Bar & Rhubarb Kingdom Bar…Phew!

Pierre Marcolini |The Kimono Doll |£125


Pierre Marcolini has looked to Asia for inspiration this Easter, coming up with a cute and quaint collection that sees Japanese dolls morph into modern and stylish chocolate creations. The Kimono Doll, adorned in a pink patterned white chocolate robe, comes with 30 miniature eggs in six different flavours as well as an array of caramel animals.


If chocolate isn’t your thing, maybe try these on for size:

Biscuiteers | Easter Egg Tin | £35 


  • Size: Tin (9 or more biscuits)
  • Personalisation: Not available, see here for personalised range
  • Flavour: Chocolate
  • Gluten free: Not available, see here for gluten free range

A truly original Easter gift. Our sweet Easter egg biscuit tin contains nine delicately decorated biscuits in the style of exquisite imperial eggs. Too pretty to hide them in the garden!

Harvey Nichols | Rubis Wine (Chocolate Wine) | £13


  • COUNTRY: England
  • GRAPES: Tempranillo
  • CLOSURE: Cork
  • ABV: 15%
  • VOLUME: 500ml

Rubis is an unconventional but highly indulgent fortified wine which blends together the grape variety Tempranillo with premium chocolate essences.

Mouth-watering aromas of bold cherry fruit, spices, fresh vanilla and chocolate box come forth on an engaging nose, whilst the palate is smooth, rich and velvety with a subtle sweetness and delicious layers of chocolatey flavour. Delicious served either at room temperature in a wine glass or over ice in a small tumbler, Rubis provides rewarding post dinner drinking or a treat on special occasions.


Gourmet Chocolate Pizza | Easter Egg Chocolate Pizza |£11.50 (7 inch)


Easter is coming and we’ve been busy bunnies, lovely Easter Egg chocolate pizzas in 3 sizes, all already cut into slices and ready to share with friends and family.  Easter chocolate pizza on Easter Sunday is like bread with the butter, like ying with the yang, made to go together.  Think friends round the table all sharing this gorgeous Belgian chocolate feast, and children finishing off the Easter Egg Hunt, maybe a slice or two for them as well.  Handmade white chocolate bunnies decorate the top along with candy coated eggs and Spring colour rainbow drops..puts a smile on everyone’s face.

Fortnum & Mason | Easter Wonderful Hamper | £85


Filled from bottom-to-brim with chocolate and confectionery delights, this wicker wonder is guaranteed to make any sweet tooth’s Easter feasting dreams come true. There is a trio of irresistible and memorable preserves and marmalades inside: our Lemon Curd, Black Cherry Preserve, and Burlington Marmalade. For a grand flourish come Easter Sunday, there’s a tin of Easter sweets, filled with delightful passion fruit and guava flavoured treats, a decadent white chocolate bar and a tin of our iconic Pistachio & Clotted Cream Biscuits. Let the feasting commence!

Harvey Nichols | Chocolate Cream Liqueur | £36


Mozart Chocolate Cream R.G is a luxury Austrian milk chocolate cream liqueur produced from an array of premium, well-travelled ingredients. Described by the producer as their “masterpiece”, this decadent liqueur is refined with finest cocoas from Ghana, gourmet chocolates from Belgium, genuine bourbon vanilla from Madagascar, fresh cream, cocoa butter and distilled alcohol before being diligently blended together by a master chocolatier in Salzburg. Full and complex yet light and easy to drink, creamy notes of caramel and vanilla are evident swirling smoothly around a subtle hint of alcohol. A great Christmas gift idea that provides an inspired and indulgent taste sensation. Best enjoyed over ice as an indulgent and warming treat.

Raw Choc Pie | Raw Chocolate Easter Egg | £9.95


This is our classic raw chocolate egg made with a base of raw cacao nibs. It weighs a minimum of 150g and measures 12cm long by 8cm wide. The recipe is the same as our Naked Pie. It is hollowed out and in the hollow, we have placed a mix of organic cranberries and goji berries which have been dried without sugar. Have a happy, healthy Easter! All our Easter Eggs have a 5-month shelf life.

Nominated by The Sunday Times Style Magazine as Number One of the Top Five Healthy Easter Eggs of 2015.

Holland & Barrett | No Added Sugar Easter Egg | £3.99


  • Dairy free milk chocolate
  • No added sugar

The perfect Easter treat, this delicious chocolate is ideal for those who want to avoid added sugar, dairy, gluten, and nuts.

The Sweet Reason Company at Yumbles | Luxury Easter Brownie Box | £19.50


The Sweet Reason’s ‘Easter brownie bites’ box is all about the brownie!

This gift box comes with 8 bites (which are much much bigger than bite size!) and comes with delicious Mini Egg Brownies and Creme Egg Brownies – the perfect different, but delicious, Easter treat!

EASTER BROWNIE BITES gift box contains:

  • 2 x Mini Egg Brownie
  • 2 x Creme Egg Brownie
  • 2 x Salted Caramel Brownie
  • 2 x Honeycomb Brownie


Everyone have a great Easter! 


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    Thank you for your excellent showcase of some Easter eggs and Easter products! I have linked your current post to special post at https://soundeagle.wordpress.com/2015/04/11/easter-in-modern-multimedia-perspective/

    Happy April to you, your daughter Emily and your other significant half!

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