I’m all about that bake, ’bout that cake, no pastry



I love baking, I mean it should go naturally with the fact that I love to cook too but my love of baking doesn’t stretch as far as some and although I may have some “skills,” I’m nowhere near the ‘Bake Off’ type baker that some people are. Unfortunately, under pressure would mean a soggy bottom, and no one wants one of those! As the time drew closer for Emma’s birthday, I was trying to think of some ways to make a cake, because you must have cake on your birthday, no matter what style, there must always be cake! I’ve tried and tried and tried to make the perfect cupcake, but some days they come out perfect and other days, they come out terrible. I don’t know why, but my patience only stretches so far before I give up and fling them in the bin.

Last week was Emma’s birthday. Although we didn’t get to spend her actual day together, I had organized for her sister to come down from London for a night out in Broadstairs with cocktails and giggles. I had already given Emma her birthday present the day before her birthday, but I wanted to make sure there was cake ready for the evening. I chose to use a local baker to make my cupcakes and I’m so pleased I did. I got in touch one afternoon and her response was well within the 2-hour response time advertised on her Facebook page, which is always a positive sign.

Erica of Ice Cool Cakes is a bit of an expert. She’s very passionate about baking and you can see why in her portfolio.  In my time, I have eaten my weight in cake, especially since I’ve had Emily, I’ve made sure there is always room for cake, which is a bit of a nightmare with this new diet that I’m on, but, finding someone who is passionate about their work is key, especially when it comes to taste and Erica’s cakes tick all the boxes. Not only are they tasty but they are also beautiful. Erica says she gets a little nervous with what people will say and I really don’t know why. She shouldn’t worry because she ticks all the boxes for her services.

She can make a selection of stunning cakes for all occasions, from cupcakes to cupcake bouquets, to themed birthday cakes, celebration cakes, and naughty chocolate treat cakes.  Erica can alter certain ingredients if you’re allergic too, all you need to do is ask. If you’re vegan, she can cater for you as well. I got in touch with Erica about 3 weeks before Emma’s birthday. I wanted to see how much notice she needed and if she could fit in making 6 cupcakes for me in time for the 15th April. She said she could take payment by bank transfer, PayPal or cash on collection. For cupcakes you don’t need to put down a deposit but if you were to order one of her awesome cakes you need to put down a non-refundable deposit of £10 and give as much notice as you can. My spec was simple. I had found a picture of some cupcakes Erica had made previously as mentioned that Emma loved the colour blue and asked if she could make 6 cupcakes for me for Emma’s girls night celebrations. The cupcakes were done the day before (Good Friday) and were perfect. They looked simply divine, almost too good to even spoil when Emma would tuck into them but they were just spot on. I was so chuffed!


We have a few more big celebrations coming up this year, what with Sam’s 40th and Emily’s first birthdays and I’ll definitely be using Ice Cool Cakes again. She was professional, enthusiastic and the results have been brilliant. Definitely a showstopper.

Thanks, Erica! xoxo

Contact details:

Facebook | Email: elegg159@aol.com | Tel: Call 01843 571176


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