I’m so pleased the injections have stopped until Emily turns 1


Thank God Emily doesn’t have any more bloody injections until she turns a year old. Honestly the first year of their lives, you’re told how difficult it can be, that relationships can really be tested and that it will get better, but sometimes, it can be so difficult, but like childbirth, most of it becomes a distant memory. I’m just pleased the injections she’s received has stopped now for 7 months. In Emily’s little life she has had 10 injections, the first and third batch being the worst. The first batch ended in tears from both Emily and I, mainly because of the Men B vaccine with a high temperature and a nightmare aftermath, the second came with tears and lots of cuddles from mummy and the third came with screaming crying and sleeping in our bed. But it’s over and I feel like I should celebrate.

We want to make sure by Emily receiving her immunizations that she receives the best start in life. We already make sure she is well fed, well clothed, well looked after, loved, protected and kept safe, but by making sure she has her vaccinations, we’re saving her life too. Medical science is so awesome, in the past 100 years, it’s advanced to a whole new level. With these vaccinations, offered free by the NHS, I find it barmy that some parents don’t agree with them and prefer natural remedies. I mean, great, on certain levels but not against vaccinations. It’s safe, effective, the screaming crying that our babies feel now, we don’t remember as we grow older and they are protected against diseases that can be deadly.

I will admit, watching Emily get her vaccinations made me very emotional and it’s not the nicest thing in the world seeing your child in pain, but, she’s now protected against serious and potentially fatal diseases. The three main reasons why parents should vaccinate their child are:

  • Vaccinations are quick, safe and extremely effective
  • Once they receive the vaccination against disease, their body can fight it off better
  • If they don’t receive immunizations, they’re at a higher risk of catching – becoming very ill from – the illness.

There’s still more vaccinations to come, but with a big break until the next few, I’m pleased she doesn’t have to go through the pain of each again for a while, at least.


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