Dieting: The Milkshake Way 

Back in March I had a fab idea where I wanted to try one of those milkshake diets that a few celebs swear by, in a bid to start losing my baby weight. In Boots, the starter pack was on offer for £19.99 instead of £24.99 so I decided what the heck, I’ll give it a go. Here’s my diet diary from my experience: 

Now I’ve decided to give one of those milkshake diets a go. Yes, I know, probably the biggest load of crap ever but I’ll have a go and write about my results in this post. So let’s start with the all important numbers:

  • Current weight: 12.7 stone (81KG).
  •  Aim: lose 1-2 pounds a week
  • Lose a stone by May

This diet is a favourite of Bianca ‘why are you famous’ Gasgoine and Stephanie Davis, that ex-Hollyoaks actress more known for her terrible choice in men, than her acting. The diet is called Shake it Slim by Forza. It says on their website to substitute 2 meals a day for their shakes but as my diet is pretty crap at the moment, I’m doing 1 meal replacement shake a day and sticking to my 3 meals a day, no snacks in between. If this diet doesn’t work without a buff personal trainer screaming at you in a park, probably with paparazzi who just so happen to be hiding in the bushes, watching you kill yourself for that perfect beach bod, then I’m in trouble. 

They say

Shake it Slim is a convenient, great-tasting meal replacement shake that has been designed to support safe and healthy weight loss. The shakes are high in protein, contain 22 different vitamins and minerals, and contain only 204 calories per individual serving.
This assorted flavour pack contains three delicious flavours: rich chocolate, luscious strawberry and creamy vanilla. It is also really simple to use and can be mixed with water in just a matter of seconds – leaving no lumps or residue!

FORZA Shake It Slim is a meal replacement similar to Slimfast, but FORZA’s shake offers many additional benefits including excellent mixability (no lumpy residue), three delicious flavours, just 204 calories per shake and supplied in convenient 55g sachets (no measuring needed). Making Shake It Slim an ideal companion for dieters on Weight Watchers and Slimming World diet plans.


I have upped my walking game. I walk everywhere. Up hills, down hills, in each weather condition, pushing Emily in her pram, with lots of shopping (or none at all), pushing myself to my limit to hopefully be less jiggly and more slim. 
What happened? 

Day 1 | Monday 13th March 

So today I started a new diet. I thought about it long and hard, actually that’s a lie, I saw in Boots an offer and thought, heck I might as well give it a go, it’s only £20. So here I am on a Monday morning ready to give my mum tum a bit of a workout, my boobs a boost and my bum a lift.


It’s 8.30am, the sun is shining, I’ve just put a load of washing on to hang out later, Emily is fed and fallen asleep in her chair and I’m about to tuck into a delicious strawberry milkshake that promises to help me lose weight. The milkshake doesn’t taste too bad, especially one that I mix with water and not milk like most dietary milkshakes but it does get a little lumpy if you don’t mix it properly. Seeing as I didn’t see the point in spending a fiver on the mixer, opting for a trusty fork to whisk my milkshake to the smooth creamy taste it promises, it requires a fair bit of stirring to get that mix smooth.


I can honestly say I want to eat. I actually looked at Emily and thought about food. She’s so deliciously scrumptious anyway, don’t worry I’m no Hannibal, but I’m so hungry and the 3 pints of water I’ve downed so far this morning has turned me into a pissing elephant. I want to eat everything. Emily is currently chomping on her hand (teething) and I’m considering eating my hand just to get rid of the hunger pains.

Overall day: 

I cheated. I cheated hard. I was so hungry that I gave in to a cheese toastie, a packet of rice cakes, a petit filous, 3 cups of tea, a snickers, a small bag of tortilla’s and a satsuma for good measure in about 2 hours. Yeah shit I know. Probably wasn’t the best idea to start this diet on an empty stomach (I didn’t really eat on Sunday), after 20 mins of exercise when feeling light headed, just asking for something bad to happen. Tomorrow will be different, I’ll stick to 3 meals a day and no snacking in between.

Every day that followed after for 2 weeks

To be honest this diet doesn’t work, well, not for me anyway. My tummy growled at every given moment. I felt sick most days and the flavours aren’t as yummy as they portray. They’re very sickly sweet. It didn’t motivate me to want to do lots of exercise and I just saw everything as food, and I mean everything. It was like I stepped inside that movie ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.’ Diets like this work if you have that personal trainer to kick you up the arse for £150 a session 3x a week. I just don’t have that budget nor do I have the time to run round a park shifting my flabby bits a few times a week.

Overall thoughts of the milkshake: 

This milkshake tastes like I’ve licked the contents of a chocolate factory. It’s so sugary. I felt like I could bounce from the walls like someone on acid looking for my next fix. Personally it’s not right for me, but what I might not like, could be someone else triumph, so don’t take this all negatively. I need something that fills me up, quenching that hunger without starving my body. 

So what’s happening now

I want to get rid of my bingo wings, muffin top and mum tum slowly and healthily. I know losing too much weight will result in making myself ill. Summer is in a couple of months and I don’t want to hide my body away but I don’t want to put my health at risk by being silly. I’m not 21 anymore and can’t pull the fast one and not eat- not that that’s ever recommended but has been part of a dumb decision or two in the past. 

So I’ve decided to strip bare, not literally, but my diet and look at what I do eat daily that keeps this mum-tum very much alive.

My average day:

  • 5-6 cups of tea with milk, no sugar
  • 1-2 pints of orange squash
  • 1 bottle (if that) of water
  • 2 slices of toast with butter, sometimes marmite for breakfast
  • 1-2 bars of chocolate as snacks throughout the day
  • A sandwich with a small packet of mini cheddars for lunch
  • Dinner will be anything I cook for Sam and I 
  • I rarely snack on fruit and veg (this is a new thing since I’ve had Emily, I used to be better before I was pregnant)
  • A glass (or 2) of wine in the evening (I breastfeed, don’t judge me). 

My diet is terrible and I need to find a balance to shift this weight. Onto the next one. 😬 

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