I use sun beds to help with my psoriasis and it helps 

Sun beds have always had a bad reputation stuck to them. Although popular for many years, as a cheap alternative for achieving a natural looking, deep golden tan, there are also risks. A sunbed is a mechanical tanning booth that emits ultraviolet (UV) rays to make the body tan. Some people use sunbeds every now and then to get a quick and easy tan before a special occasion or holiday. Others may use them on a regular basis to maintain a more tanned look. 

The fairer the skin, the higher the risk. Although most tanning salons follow strict guidelines and regulations, there are some people who go to extremes to tan and put themselves at risk. In the past, I have been opposed to using sunbeds, especially the ones where you lie down. Not only the risk of skin cancer scared me, but also a huge fear of getting locked inside. Fast forward 13 years and my views have changed. Largely because of my skin, I have psoriasis. I wasn’t born with it, although my family have got history of eczema, I developed psoriasis when I owned my own business. Through stress, lack of sleep, and a poor diet, my skin, mainly my elbows, my head and my legs developed scaly, sometimes broken itchy flaky skin. And it was horrible. People can be so cruel, whatever your age. I have tried creams, I have tried treatments prescribed from the doctor and I’ve been to see a nutritionist to help find a way to cure my psoriasis from the inside out. Most of the time, certain things in my diet may have helped, then a recommendation to stop drinking dairy amongst a few other things and I thought there’s got to be another way. Then my cousin suggested sun beds. Mickey had used sunbeds for a few years to help with his psoriasis and it has helped. It would definitely give me the explanation to his glowing tan all the time, ha ha. I have tried a few sunbeds after that, but still it didn’t really make much of a difference. 

Funnily enough when I found I was pregnant with Emily, my skin started to change. Day by day my psoriasis seemed to just, go. Throughout all the changes, my skin magically changed. The flaky itchy skin had gone. Disappeared, as if overnight. Who knew that pregnancy could cure this ailment? Since I’ve had Emily, my psoriasis has come back. Thankfully it’s not as severe as before, but I do have a small patch on my right elbow, a little on my scalp, and a very small patch on my leg, it’s hardly noticeable, but I know it’s there. This is why I have started using sunbeds again. Not only do I get a golden glow, my skin gets better. Each healthcare professional will offer different advice, on whether it’s a good idea to use sun beds to treat psoriasis. Most sunbeds use UVA light, which won’t help to treat psoriasis unless it’s in combination with the medicine psoralen. So you have the risks of UV exposure, without the benefit of treating psoriasis. These risks of UV exposure include skin cancer. Whilst there are risks, clearing up my psoriasis is important to me, especially in the summer months, when it gets too hot and my skin feels like its on fire. Anyone who has eczema or problems with dry, flaky, itchy skin will relate to this all too well. I don’t use them very often, nor do I stand in them too long, but in the past few months, the two or three times that I have gone, have made such a difference to my skin. Everyone is different though, although I use sun beds, others would disagree, but each to their own. I find this works for me, and that suits me just fine.

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