Best baby nappies according to mum’s

According to a survey of 2,000 women, consumer website asked what are the nation’s top nappies. Having a baby isn’t cheap. You think you have it all covered and prepared for when you tick off your list just before your little one arrives but you never really have anything prepared once they do. Bringing up a baby is expensive and nappies are just one of the many costs that really do add up over the months. In the first week alone, I think we went through about 100 of them! Who knew a teeny tiny baby can produce that much, er, poo! In a day, 6-12 nappies will be used in the first few months, that’s about 372 nappies a month and if you’re constantly paying out a lot that really can add up. So what nappies are the best? Can supermarkets own brand nappies be better than the more expensive ones? Personally I thought Pampers was the best because they’ve always been advertised as the best, but honestly, I really don’t like them. They’re flimsy, they smell and they’re very expensive. With this in mind and a common topic of conversation on Facebook in the mummy groups, I started a discussion to try and find what are the best nappy brands around and if spending more on a brand actually meant a better nappy.

Which says: 

We surveyed 2,000 UK parents asking them to rate pricier disposable nappy brands, such as Pampers, and cheaper supermarket brands, such as Aldi, Asda and Tesco. The best nappy brand got a customer score of 77% but the bottom two only 50% – a massive difference. Customer scored is calculated based on how satisfied parents are with a brand and how likely they are to recommend it.

Here are my results:

  • 52% of mothers I spoke to preferred Aldi
  • 15% loved Pampers
  • 12% preferred Tesco
  • 7% loved Boots
  • 2% loved Wilko’s
  • 12% preferred other lesser known brands

Most mum’s agreed on one thing and that was the Aldi nappies. Their Mamia nappies are absorbent, comfortable, don’t leak or cause nappy rash and they are excellent value for money.

Laura, from Margate, mother of one says “Aldi works best for me for nappies and for pull-ups I use Asda.”

Nicole, from Ramsgate, mother of three says “Aldi and Tesco do good nappies. Great value for money.”

Pampers still were a favourite amongst mums but most said the price was the reason why they didn’t buy them as much as they desired. One pack of nappies costs the equivalent of two packs of most nappy brands we spoke about.

Ashleigh from Margate, mother of one says “Pampers newborn and Aldi size 2 up are the best as I can’t seem to find any nappies that fit my skinny daughter. Lol!”

Steph from London says “We used Pampers with no problems. No leaks, no smell, no issues, no even nappy rash. We didn’t try any other brands though.”

Jemma, “We’ve always used pampers on our DD without issue. I find them to be a good fit, absorbent and soft. I did try Asda little angels with similar outcomes we just didn’t find them as soft. However my best friend swears by Aldi, she’s had 3 boys and wondered if that was why she didn’t get on with pampers?”

 It seems that supermarkets seem to be taking over leading brands but some choose comfort over others. Whichever way, it’s great to see that it’s not always about the brand that’s more important, you can get just as good for a lot less. For me, I’ve tried Pampers and was personally shocked how much they didn’t live up to their name, but I use a combination of Tesco, Boots, ,Wilko’s and Aldi’s. As long as they’re good value for money and does it’s job, it doesn’t matter what brand it is. 

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