Emily is desperate to crawl 

Emily is 7 months now and desperately trying to crawl. She’s figured her legs move and do something, she’s just not figured out how to use her legs to move her body. So she’s getting frustrated, agitated, annoyed, upset, that she can’t get further than rolling. She’s mastered that down to a T, she’s forever rolling around, she’s getting mobile and it’s quite scary that soon she’ll be crawling then walking and whatnot. Stop Dannii, let’s not talk that far ahead. 

The idea, the very thought that Emily could be more mobile than she is at the moment, scares me beyond belief. It’s exciting, it is, but it’s still scary. She’s growing so quickly and soon she’ll be adding talking to her next adventure and it’s scary, there I said it, scary. At the moment whilst she jumps like a madhatter in her jumperoo, there will be a day when I’ll constantly have to keep an eye on her more so than I’m doing now. Gates will have to be put up, the floor constantly mess and dirt free, get rid of the carpet in favour of a wooden or vinyl floor, whilst adding eyes to the back of my head so that I know at all times where she is whilst I type away on my laptop. 

Whilst I constantly plan what happens next when those little legs start moving, I’ll also be happy that her frustration will be over. Emily gets herself so worked up at night when she rolls over onto her front that she’s not able to move herself around. Rolling just isn’t the same as the big crawl. Here’s hoping that frustration stops soon. 

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