Parents and Volume Control, when do you step in?

I need to rant… 

So this has been plaguing my mind for months, actually since I moved here and it’s always been a constant question as to whether I should write about it or just leave it. My problem here is a neighbours inability to control her volume on a daily basis. I’ve asked on countless occasions for her to quieten down but she’s just not listening, so on one occasion a few weeks ago I totally lost it. I knocked firmly on her door, told her to quieten down or else, or if she couldn’t comply, I would find a permanent solution to this constant noise and slammed my front door after I finished talking. 

Some of you may read this and think how noisy is noisy? Give her a chance, maybe she’s having a rough day but the thing is, it’s not just one day, it’s a continuous cycle of noise. If she’s not shouting at her kids, it’s banging doors or slamming things, from morning, to noon to night. Maybe she doesn’t know the volume of her own voice, or maybe she’s just tone deaf. I dunno but it’s driving me crazy. It’s happened since I moved here, it bothers Sam but he’s not here during the day so unless she screams like a banshee at the weekend, he’s only bothered by it when it winds me up and it’s more times than one. Disciplining kids needs a certain level of volume to get your point across and that’s totally fine but doing it for more than 10 minutes at a time, maybe you should question that whatever disciplinary actions you’re putting in place, may not be working. Is there a need to continue screaming? Is there?! 

When I first moved here I thought maybe it was normal that our walls were this thin, but as time has gone on and it’s been a little over a year now, the shouting continues. Even after complaints from other people, the council and me and Sam on a few occasions, she still does it. The screaming continues and sometimes it’s louder than before, even if two of her kids are at nursery in the morning. It’s like she has to do it to make herself feel better each day. Sometimes you can hear her three or four streets away screaming and shouting, then she’ll approach through the alley way with her kids fifteen minutes after the shouting started. It’s baffling and most of all, I’m actually losing my patience with it all. There’s been times in the past when I’ve had to turn the TV up, to block out her voice. And it’s always the same thing, it’s the kids constant need to fight with each other that is the problem, not her endless screaming. It’s never her fault, it’s always theirs. Who knows it could be the kids but because there’s so much screaming, shouting, a little giggle thrown in and enough banging doors a tornado would envy, you really can’t tell what’s going on. I’ve spoken to others about this online and people say maybe she’s at the end of her tether and needs help, maybe, but wouldn’t you ask for it rather than just continue? Is she not aware of her constant screaming and shouting? How loud can one person go before they start to realise maybe they’re being a little too loud? Or maybe, am I the only person that sees all of this as a problem? 

Rant over. 

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