We’re going on holiday today!


It has come. The day has come and as you read this, Sam, Emily and I will be on route to Southern Spain and we can’t bloody wait. Ok, ok, so it sucks for you as you make way to the office, or take your little ones off to nursery or school, but we’ve waited all summer and now it’s here. We are going to Pueblo Indalo, Mojacar for one whole week. Sun, sea, sandy beaches, cool pools and relaxation, or enough to sort us three out! Emily will get to swim about, well, splash in the pool, we all go out for dinner, go to the beach, see Emily react as her feet squish into the sand.

Yesterday Emily knew there was something up. She didn’t nap much, was very clingy and when she did go down for a sleep, it was only in 30-40 minute bursts. For Emily, this is almost unheard of. If she’s going down for a nap, she’ll go down for a nap. A full blown nap, most times, probably similar to a deep sleep, as I’ll stare at her whilst she sleeps deeply.

Now, let’s just hope she doesn’t throw a fit on the plane and just sleeps straight through. One can dream, eh.




Have a great week.



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