Bugger, crap, fudge


I love a good swear word and so does Sam. Some would consider it potty-mouthed, others rude, and most would consider it damn right inconsiderate. We are fond of swearing, but there are certain words that are acceptable, and certain words that shouldn’t be used on a daily basis, if, at all. Comic Relief earlier this year, launched a “Celebrity Swear Jar” app which was linked to your bank account via PayPal, which automatically fined users every time they used bad language. It worked by identifying and working out a number of times the user swore and then donated 20p to Comic Relief every time a bad word was used. Pretty nifty with all that voice recognition software technology. If that was attached to my phone, I’d be skint and Comic Relief would be making hundreds out of my monthly swear quota.

Now that Emily is 9 months, the recognition that we swear a lot is more alert than ever. Ok, so she can’t talk, yet, but friends children that are of an age that repeats everything right down to the good old word “bugger,” you start realising that this is going to be a problem and no longer on the funny side which would have been the case at times before. I’m worried that Emily will hear some of these words and then her first word won’t be the standard “DaDa,” instead be something a little more controversial like “shit.”  Don’t get me wrong, the swear words we use aren’t terrible when you consider some I’ve heard some parents say, but I’d still prefer my daughter not to start her vocabulary with any swear words.


That’s why I decided to buy a swear jar, yep, you’re hearing it here first people. A swear jar. For Sam and I to add our pennies to count away those expensive rude words. A cheap £1 tin from Poundland will do the trick. Originally I thought each swear word would cost a certain amount, but every time a naughty word is said aloud, it’s put into the swear jar. I’m hoping the swear jar will curb the swear words and provoke us to use the alternative slang for each word, more of “fudge” and less “f*ck.”



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