We returned from holiday and got sick, bloody typical!


After a lovely holiday in Spain, after a few days amongst all that washing, trouble hit. All of us, like a domino effect, got sick. First was Sam feeling gross with a head cold, next Emily with a horrible viral infection that resulted in a trip to the out of hours doctor department at QEQM and an inhaler, followed by a crappy headache and cold for me and Sam’s mother got it a little over a week later. But, we weren’t the only ones feeling the brunt of the September cold, a lot of our friends were sick too. The constant change in weather had made us ill. Although going from one extreme climate to another probably didn’t help either.

I suppose living in the UK it’s a given that any weather can have its effects on us. It has always been common knowledge that sudden changes in weather conditions can greatly affect someone’s physical condition. We can get headaches, nausea, feel light-headed, dizzy, sniffly, get earaches, snotty, tired, cold and fluey, you name it, all of it can just play havoc on an individuals body. Whatever the weather, little things can make us weather sensitive. Living in a country like England, you’re going to experience all the four seasons. It’s cold and raining one minute, dry and milk the next, or boiling hot then thunderstorms after!
Thankfully we weren’t sick for long but the past week the weather has been all over the place again. Some days I don’t know whether I should overdress Emily or keep some clothes to a minimum. Although autumn is just around the corner, is it too early to bring out the proper winter coat or stick to Emily in a jacket and her cosy toes? The questions are endless. Hopefully, this winter will be like last year, nice and mild. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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