I went sober for October and only lasted a week. 😬

So couple months ago I made a decision to join all those others and try and go sober for October for Macmillan Cancer research. And I bloody lasted only a week. For me I suppose that’s quite an accomplishment, besides obviously when I was pregnant. I don’t really have an excuse, I did have a pretty nightmarish time with an ex client of mine, but besides that, and maybe seeing my family where I did buy myself a golden ticket, I still managed to fail going sober for October spectacularly. 

It’s terrible really, I should’ve really pushed myself, but I kinda just gave into the wine. I should have pushed myself further than ever seeing as I have managed in the past to not drink at all, but I couldn’t seem to control myself. So one glass of nice chilled New Zealand Marlborough and boom, a glass of wine (or two) after my day just became the norm again last week, which considering I don’t drink every night anyway was terrible really. 

It’s a great cause, and hopefully next year when I do participate again, I can really go the full 31 days alcohol free I’m not giving after a week. In the meantime I did manage to raise about £45-£50 for my terrible effort. I hope that when I do take part next year I’ll be able to give it my all, raise more money and really out to myself.

To find out more about those real SoberHero’s, check out this link.

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