Trick or Treaters come on Halloween, not 4 days before! 

Last night a few kids came to our door, banging away, screaming and shouting “trick or treat” almost demanding that we listen to them and give them what they wanted. Last time I heard or even remembered, kids came and trick or treated on Halloween’s eve not at 6.15pm a few days before. Now, I know there are plenty of Halloween parties, pumpkin pickings and whatnot happening this weekend in the run-up to Halloween on Tuesday but it’s a bit of a cheek that kids, mainly teenagers are demanding people open their doors and give them sweets a few days before, and who knows possibly terrorise them for days to come until the event comes. 

Listen up parents of kids who are out in the evenings when it’s this dark beyond 6pm, please be aware that they’re doing this. We don’t need this, no one does. Yes my house will be offering sweets out to kids dressed up in their gear politely asking “Trick or Treat” on Halloween, but not to the ones doing it to impose something else. Whilst they stood outside giggling whilst slamming on my front door, I shouted it’s not Halloween and they ran off, almost unamused that I stopped their fun. For about 30 minutes after you could hear them shouting up and down the road and making noises down the alleyway. 
I’d love to continue the tradition of Halloween with Emily as I loved it as a kid. As time goes on I’ll introduce family movie favourites such as Hocus Pocus, Casper, The Addams Family, Coraline, Monster House, Hotel Transylvania, The Witches and Practical Magic. She will be wearing a pumpkin onesie and I’ll have my cat ears, tail and make up on too. 

Let’s enjoy Halloween and keep safe, don’t ruin it for those who love it. 

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