Feeling very spoilt 

So it was my birthday last Wednesday, I’m a grand old age of 32. Ok, not old, not even in the slightest, but I’m feeling good as Nina Simone once suggested in her hit song. Why you ask? Well, apart from the lovely well wishers from friends, family, old colleagues and connections as far as the eye could see, I also received some wonderful cards with words so beautiful I cant quite believe how lucky I really am. Not only that, a best friend who surprised me on actually birthday with her two little ones, lots of lovely cards and gifts from family and a brilliant weekend with my mum too. 

Birthdays usually start to suck when you’re a parent. The love sometimes feels like it’s dwindling a little, and whilst I thought my birthday might skip a little bit, it didn’t in the slightest and it was just lovely. Usually we get sidestepped for our little ones but it was lovely to have a nice birthday and be treated. 

So to Sam, Emily, my family and friends, thank you. xx 

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