This weather is pants and it’s making us all sick

So this week is a pretty big week. This week we wave goodbye to the little digits and say hello to the big almighty 1, because Emily will be going from little baby to what the professionals class as “toddler.” But this week couldn’t just run smoothly without hiccups could it? Of course not. We’ve managed to end last weekend with I getting over some crappy bug that just properly wouldn’t shift and now it seems Emily has come down with something. We couldn’t just sail through this week like normal, could we?! Unfortunately, Emily has come down i5 some form of cold, possibly caught from the soft play area last week or just because we’ve been out in the cold over the weekend.

On Sunday, Emily started showing signs of sniffles, then a blocked nose, then a bit of a chesty cough and severe grumpiness. By Monday morning, this was in full gear. Out calpol, saline nasal spray and vapour chest rub topped with plenty of screams, agitation and tears. Great way to start the week. By 11am yesterday Sam’s mum Jane had fallen sick too, and now a day later, Sam’s decided he couldn’t miss out either. So our whole house is under the spell of the sick.

Over the weekend, even though we went out, Saturday was freezing, sub-zero temperatures and Sunday, even though warmer, wasn’t much better either. Even though we were all wrapped up warm, I still managed to feel cold and gross, Emily managed to get sniffles and we all felt crappy by mid Sunday. I’m hoping by staying in, maybe braving a walk for some fresh air at some point will make her feel better, before her little birthday get-together on Thursday, her birthday Friday and her birthday weekend.

Fingers crossed.

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