The first cut is the deepest 

Since Emily became mobile, bumps and bruises, tears and sobs are the norm. It’s not nice, but it can be frequent. When I used to look after my niece, I’d sit on the edge of my seat as Mya would catapult herself off a bouncy castle and giggle as she’d fly high up in the air. I could never understand why my sister would be so calm about it all, until I had Emily. Being 5is young she has no fear, no babies do, that’s yet to be learnt and she’ll happily sang out of things, charge into things, fall, pull things on top of her and more. Yes there’s tears, sometimes more worse than others, but nothing can compete to August when we ended up in A&E.

It was around the time when Emily’s crawling was really getting there, but whilst normally we cuddle in the morning, this particular morning she decided to add something a little different. Could decided to fling herself off the side of our bed and straight into a plug, skimming the side of a pint glass. To say I shook my way nervously to A&E is a bit of an understatement. Whilst the nurses and doctors rushed around an amazed Emily, I sat there thinking how much of a terrible parent I was to a) not pay more attention to her Cirque Du Soleil skills and b) not think to call 111 straight away. How bad of a parent am I to not realise she’s mastered such skills and I need to be a lot more aware of these new skills than ever before. The whole experience was numbing. It scared me so much, but her shock meant no noise, then that ear-piercing scream meant that I was silenced into shock, and held not her so tightly that I didn’t even think to call 111, Just message, shaking, to my Sam and my friend saying what happened. Thankfully, Emma told me to call the out of hours service and they instructed me to go to Accident & Emergency. The blood on her face from the cut should have been giveaway that I need to go to the hospital, but being home alone, the shock, Emily’s cry and the first time she drew blood from being mobile, it threw my reaction up in the air.

Since August, that terrifying moment and now that Emily is full-blown mobile, desperately trying to walk, she’s now a fully-fledged daredevil. A need for speed, a need to test herself beyond limits, because why the fuck not?! I’m looking forward to her walking but the thought also terrifies me. Whatever will she do next?

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