Emily has upped her eating game 

After a successful few months weaning her from 4 months old, Emily took little interest in food when her first teeth started coming through about 6 months. Don’t get me wrong she showed interest in some things, liked others, enjoyed her yoghurts, fruit purees and snacks but beyond that, she wasn’t interested. Whilst her friends have a good appetite for food, Emily has shown little interest unless the bottle was freely available. Until the past few weeks. She’s getting quite experimental too which is good. Hopefully this means she’ll try different things and be open to whatever culinary delights I have in store in the future.

Sam is excellent with food. He sure does have an appetite but then he does work on a building site or in buildings where he’s constantly burning through calories and needs food high in protein, vitamins, fibre, iron and whatnot to get him through the day. Thankfully, we do have it lucky that so far Emily isn’t suffering from any allergies. Unfortunately a few of our friends children have been either born with allergies or they’ve developed since they’ve been born. I hope a Emily continues to not have any problems but if she does, we’ll fight against it when it comes to it. Now that she’s taken an interest in food, her formula intake is starting to slow done. Exciting that we’re moving into the next step of her little life but terrifying that she’s growing up so quickly.

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