We’re going to Isleworth on Friday

We are going to Isleworth this weekend and I really can’t wait. Although I saw my mum a few weeks ago for Emily’s first birthday in London for lunch, it was only brief for a few hours and not long enough. It was be great to catch up with my niece, sister, grandparents, mum and cousins as well as Emil to see her family too. Sam will be down too but might be working, but either way it will be really nice to see everyone and I’ll try see friends too, there just never seems to be enough time!

It really does suck not having a car, but whilst I’m learning, even when I do pass I won’t be making the 108.8 miles from my house in Ramsgate to Isleworth via the M25, M2 and M20 to South London anytime soon after I pass. It’s a long journey and until I’m totally comfortable doing it when I do pass, I’ll be making trips to Isleworth via South Eastern trains and TFL.

I’m hoping in the new year, that we can make a few more trips up to see my family as it is a shame I can’t see them as much as I like. Fingers crossed I get to see all my family this weekend just before Christmas. Hopefully we’ll get to see Father Christmas, see family, some friends and go to Mya’s 6th birthday party.

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