How many times a day should you be brushing your baby’s teeth? 

A few months ago at Emily’s 10 month review, the HV said I should be brushing Emily’s 4 teeth twice a day but recently speaking to my dentist, she said to do it only once for the time being just to get her used to it before increasing it when many more come through. There’s so many sources that say different. All professional opinions who know better than others, who advise different to other parties and online channels that give different opinions too. So, how many times a day should you be brushing your baby’s teeth a day and who should you listen to?

Dental expects, health visitors, dentists, doctors and dental products say different, but it should be known that the enamel on your babies milk teeth are more susceptible to attack. To start with it’s important to have the right type of toothbrush and a special formulated toothpaste that is low on fluoride, that’s not only tough on decay, but also less abrasive to the many other brands that can promise one thing, but mean something totally different. My dentist said it’s important that babies get the right amount of fluoride, but not too much. Fluoride toothpaste helps to combat tooth decay, but only use a smear of it when they’re a baby. Milk teeth are the real deal, they’re not practice teeth for the adult teeth to come through, so you really do need to take good care of your children’s gums and teeth. When the big teeth come along (currently growing and sitting pretty in your baby’s gums), your child’s teeth are prepared to fight against anything that comes, the grow straight, healthy and strong.

According to the NHS Live Well website, a regular teeth-cleaning routine is vital for a healthy strong smile.

If you want to know more information about your child’s dental hygiene, check out the NHS Live Choices website.

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