Monday’s trip home was a nightmare in London

Monday we came home from spending a weekend with family and friends in Isleworth, my hometown. The weekend was lovely, but it went by so quickly. Time just flew, by it was great to see everyone, including my niece who we picked up from school on the Friday, gave her her birthday presents early and went to her birthday party on the Sunday at the hyperactive manic soft play area in Brentford called Snakes & Ladders.

Although for the second year running I’m going to miss Christmas in Isleworth, instead spending it down here in Ramsgate, I am really pleased I’m not using public transport up to and around London. I don’t know what it is but everyone seems to go a little do-lally and somehow can’t function properly. For example, our route to Kings Cross on the Piccadilly line for the first leg home would have been a lot different had TFL updated relevant information instead letting me and the lady in the wheelchair find out the lift wasn’t working at Hounslow East when we arrived.

Travelling in London with a buggy is ok, but it’s still a pain in the ass. Step-free access isn’t available at most stations so you really do need to plan ahead and some stations, due to their age, wont have lifts from platform to road, instead offering lifts after you’ve climbed a mountain of stairs, which is unhelpful when you don’t have a collapsible buggy go hand or endless luggage.

All those that are traveling in and around London over the festive period, I do not envy you but good luck. Make sure if you are travelling with children to be updated on any relevant delays that might happen and if you’re unsure, double check before you leave by phoning TFL’s 24-hour travel information helpline on 0345 222 1234.

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