Emily’s teeth are really starting to come through 

For the past few weeks, a Emily has been a little up and down, again. As if this time of year doesn’t already bring the sniffly, snotty noses that all parents and their little ones need just in time for Christmas, teething and growing pains also love to jump in whenever they have a chance too. Four teeth have been desperately clawing their way through her sore red gums, ready for their grand entrance. Who knows if we’ll see anything from them by Christmas or just after, but they’re annoying little buggers and love to cause havoc on my little princess, morning, noon and night. With that comes pain, tears, little tantrums and sometimes a dodgy tummy. It’s exhausting. I’ve noticed that when the teeth are trying to cut through, Emily’s appetite goes with it. Although offering gentle pressure to the area can be helpful at times, or lots of bonjela in the middle of the night, cucumber and a celery stick straight from the fridge, seems to be the only way to help ease her pain.

I’m hoping in the next few months, Emily doesn’t experience too much pain with her teething. A few have already popped up around her mouth, invisible one minute and very visible the next. Hopefully by the time she’s 20 Months, all of her teeth will be sitting pretty in her mouth pain long forgotten. Until then, we’ll just have to muster on through.

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